Which president was james monroe

which president was james monroe The former senator and presidential candidate offers a provocative new assessment of the first national security president James Monroe is remembered today primarily for two things: for being the last of the Virginia Dynasty--following George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison--and for issuing the Monroe Doctrine, his statement of principles in 1823 that the western hemisphere was to be considered closed to European intervention. But Gary Hart sees Monroe as a president ahead of his time, whose priorities and accomplishments in establishing Americas national security have a great deal in common with chief executives of our own time.Unlike his predecessors Jefferson and Madison, Monroe was at his core a military man. He joined the Continental Army at the age of seventeen and served with distinction in many pivotal battles.


Best resources to learn kotlin

best resources to learn kotlin This book is a great introduction to Kotlin in the context of Android development. I really enjoyed the hands-on approach, and the author has done an amazing job of showcasing the advantages of Kotlin over Java 7. The example application includes most of the components that a real-world Android app would usually have: UI, REST, database, SharedPreferences, unit and instrumentation tests, and working with all of those can be greatly improved with Kotlin, as was demonstrated by this book. Would highly recommend it to anybody interested in Android development..

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