My soul said to me

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my soul said to me

My Soul Said to Me: An Unlikely Journey Behind the Walls of Justice by Robert E. Roberts

In the mid 1980s, Bob Roberts was a successful dentist, stunt flyer and racecar driver. While undergoing marital counseling he was fascinated by the psychological process and pursued his own doctorate in psychology. Intrigued by the community-building work of M. Scott Peck, Roberts doctorate research consisted of applying and testing Pecks community-building model in an environment where it seemed only a distant possibility-the prison system. It was there, in Louisianas Dixon Correctional Institution, where Roberts life was forever transformed, as would the lives of hundreds of inmates and former offenders. What started as a literacy program evolved into sessions of shared soul searching, group therapy and a celebration of the prisoners roots. Although prison officials sabotaged his project, Roberts went on to found Project Return, the most successful aftercare program for former offenders in the country. Aimed at breaking the cycles of addiction, crime and violence, Project Return is the only prisoner rehabilitation program in the country funded by the U.S. Department of Justice. This memoir is Roberts adventure into his heart and his conscience. It explores the darkest terrain of violence and human suffering, and the brightest terrain of redemption, human dignity and hope. It will leave readers deeply inspired, encouraged and impassioned-in awe of the human capacity to survive and recover from cruelty and hardship.
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Behold (Then Sings My Soul) - Hillsong Worship

MY SOUL SAID TO ME: An Unlikely Journey Behind the Walls of Justice

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Some days are a whirlwind. The only thing left to do in this type of situation, like today, is take a step back. Before making one more move or even uttering one more word, I stop and thank God for all that I have. The second thought that crosses my mind is almost always the kick in the ass that I need. Stop making mountains out of molehills!

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For the past fourteen years Dr. Roberts has been actively involved in various aspects of community building programs across the country, in Europe and the former Soviet Union. Roberts left a twenty-year career in dentistry to devote himself to social reform and, eventually, the creation of a revolutionary program for ex-offenders called Project Return. Democrats call his work social responsibility while Republicans call it fiscal responsibility. Atheists call it moral responsibility while the religious call it redemption.

This site requires JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript before proceeding:. Internet Explorer. Out of stock online. Not available in stores. In the mid s, Bob Roberts was a successful dentist, stunt flyer and racecar driver.

Part personal memoir and part narrative of a groundbreaking prison literacy program, this book will probably be compared to Helen Prejean's Dead Man Walking. While in marital counseling, Roberts, a dentist and stunt flyer, realized he wanted to make dramatic changes in his life. He returned to school to pursue a doctorate in psychology and became interested in the work of self-help gurus including M. Scott Peck. Roberts writes of being genuinely moved as the prisoners discuss their experiences. The rest of the book outlines Roberts's overwhelmingly positive experiences at the prison until the warden starts sabotaging his efforts.


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    My Soul Said to Me: An Unlikely Journey Behind the Walls of Justice Paperback International Edition, February 1, In the mid s, Bob Roberts was a successful dentist, stunt flyer and racecar driver. It was there, in Louisiana's Dixon Correctional Institution, where.

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