Hyperbole in a modest proposal

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hyperbole in a modest proposal

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Published 09.10.2019

A Modest Proposal - FULL Audio Book - by Jonathan Swift - Comedic Satire

Pope satirizes the aristocratic society of England in The Rape of the Lock, with all of its social scandals, trivial dilemmas, materialism and selfish culture. While the two works present satire in very different ways, they both achieve the same goal.

Can u give me an example of a hyperbole from the modest proposal by swift?

Jonathan Swift is undoubtedly one, if not the most, prominent satirical writers of the eighteenth century. In his writings he presents a blatant social criticism mocking the political, social, and religious norms of Irish society through the use of irony and exaggeration. Swift goes so far as to think of recipes and ways to make the skin into gloves and handbags. Swift purposefully exaggerates the idea because the people of Ireland fail to conjure a logical way to reduce overpopulation and poverty. By presenting such a ridiculous way of fixing this problem, Swift encourages the members of society to find a sensible way to reduce the levels of poverty in Ireland.

Get an answer for 'Explain hyperbole and humor in "A Modest Proposal." How do hyperbole and humor further enhance the satiric impact of the essay?' and find.
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