No way out of texas

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no way out of texas

No Way Out: A Suspense Thriller Box Set by Tim Kizer

You can check in, but you cant check out... at least not alive.
         Shortly after his arrival in a small Texas town, Detective Jack Nelson meets a stranger who claims that theyve been friends for over a month. A waitress in the diner across the street from his motel recognizes Jack and tells him hes been eating at her restaurant for two months.
        When Jack discovers undeniable evidence that most of his memories are false, he begins to suspect that hes a subject of a mind-control experiment conducted by a secret organization. What he doesnt realize is that the motel hes staying at is owned by a powerful evil entity thriving on death and human suffering. 
He also doesnt know that everyone who left this place ended up committing suicide.

SPELLBOUND, a suspense thriller
DAYS OF VENGEANCE, a suspense thriller

First, he murdered his wife.
Then he lost his memory.
Now he has to remember where he buried the body or his in-laws will kill him.

Dear Frank, I know you killed your wife, and I can prove it...
After receiving this note, Frank Fowler, a man suffering from amnesia, begins to suspect he may have murdered his wife Kelly, who vanished three days before he lost his memory. The bad news is Kellys family has the same suspicions and will stop at nothing to make him remember what he has done to their beloved sister and where he buried her body.

Franks search for answers becomes a fight for survival after he recalls that his wifes relatives are a clique of ruthless serial kidnappers serving a mysterious one-legged man. His chances are slim: one of the in-laws is a cop and another is a multimillionaire.

However, the question still remains: Why did he kill his wife?

Franks options are limited: he either finds his wifes body or dies. In his race against time Frank has all the clues to the puzzle, he just needs to remember them before its too late.
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WWF IYH: No Way Out Of Texas 1998 Opening

No Way Out of Texas: In Your House was the twentieth professional wrestling pay -per-view (PPV) event under the In Your House name produced by the World.
Tim Kizer

No Way Out of Texas

Not wishing to promote the competition, the WWF braintrust quickly scrambled for a name change. Here's what went down as the company began shaping the storylines that would deliver our marquee matches for the biggest event of the year. Tonight, we'd see all those men, and more, at No Way Out of Texas. That took us to the opening pyro, shots of a truly rabid crowd, and a welcome from Jim Ross. Ross informed us that Shawn Michaels wouldn't be competing in tonight's big eight Man main event he was recuperating from the injury he suffered when he landed awkwardly on the casket in a match with The Undertaker at Royal Rumble 98 and that because that match was likely to be so intense, it had also been turned into an anything-goes, no holds barred affair. Meanwhile, Luna's man The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust was supposed to be imitating Marilyn Manson , but actually bore an uncanny resemblance to Manson's on-again-off-again bassist, Twiggy Ramirez.

The upshot of that is since The Complete WWF Video Guide series chose to compile our lists using catalogue numbers, several personality profile-type releases may begin to appear out of sequence.
how to become a good putter

For the wrestling fan of yesterday, today, and forever.

Mar 2., Player FM is scanning the web for high-quality podcasts for you to enjoy right now.

Is the show a classic? Lets find out. Thanks to Goldust pulling the top rope down as Thrasher hit the ropes, Thrasher went careening to the floor. To top that, Thrasher was slammed head first against the steel ring steps; getting the top of his head split open. Thrasher was in a bad way, being beaten on by both opponents as his partner tried his best to keep the match going thanks to constant intervening during attacks and pin fall attempts by the other side. Eventually Mosh became the legal man, going wild until he scaled the ropes for his guillotine leg drop. Luna shook Mosh off of his perch, bringing out a furious Sable who seemingly had seen enough.


  1. Leon D. says:

    This was the first of the No Way Out pay per views as we march along the road to Wrestlemania.

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