What can go wrong with the muscular system

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what can go wrong with the muscular system

Your Muscular System Works! by Flora Brett

We need muscles to do things like move, eat and even breathe. Our muscle system consists of skeletal, smooth and cardiac muscles. We can damage our muscles and need to keep them healthy. The Your Body Systems is a collection of books in the First Facts series. Titles in the collection cover different bodily systems using child friendly language and images. The books are geared towards newly independent readers, grades 1-2. The muscular system book contains a glossary, read more, internet sites, critical thinking using the common core and index section. Every two pages consist of a factual page, which includes bolded words and their definitions, and a photo or image page with a muscle related fact. The glossary repeats the bolded words and definitions found throughout the book, but it also includes correct pronunciation for each word. Recommended for school and public libraries.
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Introduction to the muscular system video 1

The Muscular System - Ailments: what can go wrong with the muscular system

Muscular system diseases affect one of the most important structures in the human body: muscle. Our muscles produce the force necessary to help us move and function in the world. Without it, we would be bound to a single spot for the rest of our lives. Diseases of the muscular system can affect various aspects of this type of soft tissue, which there are many different types of. Each is separate and distinct, all controlled by our central nervous symptom in some capacity.

The muscular system is another important part of your body and works closely with the skeletal system. This system is what helps hold your bones together and helps them to move. There are muscles in your face that help you smile. There are muscles in your eyes to help you look around. There are even muscles in your toes to help you wiggle them! If you didn't have muscles, you would not be able to move at all. Well, they contract or get shorter when you decide to move something.

Muscular system anatomy

While most people associate muscles with strength, they do more than assist in lifting heavy objects. The muscles in the body not only support movement controlling walking, talking, sitting, standing, eating and other daily functions that people consciously perform but also help to maintain posture and circulate blood and other substances throughout the body, among other functions. - For full functionality, it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser.

Did you know you have more than muscles in your body? These muscles help you move, lift things, pump blood through your body, and even help you breathe. When you think about your muscles, you probably think most about the ones you can control. The muscles of your mouth and throat even help you talk! Keeping your muscles healthy will help you to be able to walk, run, jump, lift things, play sports, and do all the other things you love to do. Exercising, getting enough rest, and eating a balanced diet will help to keep your muscles healthy for life. Healthy muscles let you move freely and keep your body strong.

With their rich supply of blood, skeletal muscles are fairly resistant to infection. When following a healthy lifestyle, few people will experience a life-threatening muscular ailment. Though rare, serious disorders can target the muscles. A few disorders can affect the muscles indirectly by attacking the nerves that stimulate muscles. Among these ailments are botulism and tetanus.


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