David frost interview with president nixon

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david frost interview with president nixon

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Published 06.10.2019

David Frost confronts Richard Nixon on Watergate scandal

Frost, Nixon and Me

The Nixon interviews were a series of interviews of former U. They were recorded and broadcast on television and radio in four programs in After his resignation in , Nixon spent more than two years away from public life. In , he granted Frost an exclusive series of interviews. Nixon was already publishing his memoirs at the time; however, his publicist Irving "Swifty" Lazar believed that by using television Nixon could reach a mass audience.

I let down the country. I let down our system of government… most of all, I let down an opportunity that I would have had for two-and-a-half more years to proceed on great projects and programs for peace. Those words of former President Richard Nixon, spoken on this day in in an interview with British journalist David Frost, were excerpted from hours of recordings edited down to a minute television program. The Nixon-Frost interview was openly contentious at times. Despite repeated references to known facts, Nixon never admitted to attempting to obstruct justice - one of the three charges that Congress was about to take up in an impeachment case at the end of July

Richard Nixon did not admit any criminal guilt in his interview with David Frost on Wednesday but he made his strongest and most sustained expression of regret. Some Americans who watched the broadcast felt that was enough. Humiliation was the name of the game.
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David Frost: Newsman, Showman, and Suave at Both

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In May , in a rather dim New York City hotel room filled with David Frost's cigar smoke, the British television personality put an intriguing proposition to me: leave your leafy academic perch for a year and prepare me for what could be a historic interrogation of Richard Nixon about Watergate. This would be the nation's only chance for no holds barred questioning of Nixon on the scandal that drove him to resign the presidency in Pardoned by his successor, Gerald Ford, Nixon could never be brought into the dock. Frost had secured the exclusive rights to interview him. Thus the prosecution of Richard Nixon would be left to a television interview by a foreigner. The resulting Frost-Nixon interviews— one in particular—indeed proved historic.


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    Nixon often made history in their own right, died on Saturday aboard the ocean liner Queen Elizabeth, where he was scheduled to give a speech.

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    Nixon interviews - Wikipedia

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    Frost, Nixon and Me | History | Smithsonian

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    The Nixon interviews were a series of interviews of former U.S. President Richard Nixon conducted by British journalist David Frost, and produced by John Birt.

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