How to swing with another couple

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how to swing with another couple

Swing by Miasha

“Miasha is a writer to watch.”
--Publishers Weekly

“Miasha writes with the fatal stroke of a butcher knife.”
--Omar Tyree, author of Insanity

“She’s the creme de la creme.”
--Vickie M. Stringer, author of Dirty Red

“Miasha writes with fire.”
--Crystal Lacey Winslow, author of Life, Love & Loneliness

Lyssa and Jacob, owners of the swingers’ club Puss and Boots, have been living an active swingers lifestyle ever since their two children moved out of the house. Every couple months they hire a “live-in,” a girl who in exchange for room, board, and a paycheck provides sex on demand.

Danielle and Stewart met each other at a swingers’ club eight years ago. They fell in love and married, soon becoming regulars at Puss and Boots before obtaining their own private room in the club.

JuJu and Ferrari are the epitome of opposites attract. She’s fifty, he’s thirty. She is wild and outgoing and he is reserved and laid-back. She’s a millionaire former model; he’s a college dropout wannabe model. They’ve been going to Puss and Boots since the club opened two years ago.

Tori and Kevin always talked about experimenting with threesomes and group sex but never made time to act on their thoughts and wishes. Well, it’s Kevin’s thirtieth birthday, and what better gift than a surprise visit to Puss and Boots?

Swing is the story of the treacherous and steamy collisions in the lives of these four couples. Roped with sultry scandals and lustful lies, this novella will propel readers to their highest highs and drop them to their lowest lows.

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Swinger Couple Interview Student For A Threesome

A Couple’s Guide to Swapping Partners with Another Couple

However, this unwritten rule has been thwarted, broken, bent and ignored for centuries. If your partner is fully on board with it, sleeping with someone else does not make you a dirtbag cheater. Many couples nowadays are experimenting with sex and intimacy through threesomes, open relationships and swinging. Firstly, do not confuse the two. An open relationship means that both parties consent to their partners engaging in sexual activities with other people. On the other hand, swinging is a lifestyle that embodies partners in committed relationships agreeing to the act of swapping partners with other couples. There are a couple of differences within the swinging lifestyle itself, known as a soft swap and a full swap.

Having sex with other couples can be really hot IF you're all on the same page. The swinglifestyle is nothing new. The concept of swingers and swinging has been around for years. The only difference is that people have started talking about it more openly. If you and your honey would like to get a little kinky and experiment with this sexual adventure, you're probably looking for a way to start your journey.

It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary! To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! Unfortunately, they, like us, are very reserved, and don't tend to talk about sex, so we have no idea how to begin to broach the subject. The friendship is very important to us, and we don't want to ruin it. What should we do?


You either are or are not homosexual, and your spouse is or is not a sex-positive person that might be attracted to the swinging lifestyle. The preceding paragraph was for men, who are interested in asking their partner to join the lifestyle, and for women, who may be discreetly looking this up. Many times it is actually the lady that introduces swinging to her husband.

So you and your partner have decided you want to give swinging a try? Well, John and I are not only swingers, but we also own a couple of swingers clubs coletteclubs. We have compiled a top five list of important tips and strategies to help those new and seasoned to the lifestyle. You and your partner have decided to visit a local swingers club. Take the initiative and go introduce yourselves to them. Remember this is no different from any other introduction.


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    Swinging is where a couple seeks out another couple or single person (or There are many different websites like Swing Lifestyle and Mixxxer.

  2. Avelaine G. says:

    For some couples, the idea of having sex with anyone other than your significant other seems unfathomable.

  3. Filippo C. says:

    How to avoid complications when having sex with another couple. Here are seven swinging #6 Swing with seasoned couples. If you are new to the lifestyle .

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