In a relationship with pizza

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in a relationship with pizza

Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert: I love my pizza so much, in fact, that I have c...

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Published 03.10.2019

Domino's Pizza in Glencoe - Why Having A Relationship With Pizza Is Better

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9 Reasons Your Relationship With Pizza Is The Only One You Need

It's official: you are in love. This is the type of love that fully consumes you. You think about your true love every minute of every day. You realize that you want to experience everything in life with your love. The best part about this love is that you can eat it.

Anybody who knows me knows that I suffer from an extreme addiction to pizza. I can eat it whenever and wherever with absolutely no regrets. So in honor of my favorite food, and companion, here are a few reasons why pizza is better than being in a relationship:. So in honor of my favorite food, and companion, here are a few reasons why pizza is better than being in a relationship: 1. It will not judge you for how much you eat.

Why have a boyfriend, when you can have a pizza with four different types of cheese? As much as a relationship is fun, devouring a whole pizza to yourself preferably with a bottle of wine is better. When it comes to pizza it can simply do no wrong, and offend no-one. It is merely there to surrender itself to your needs and put an end to your hunger. Have you ever come across a boyfriend that is more appealing than fluffy dough, rich sauce, oodles of cheese and a host of well placed toppings? No, neither have we.

Everyone loves pizza. That thick, hot crust. That ooey-gooey cheese. That delicious, warm sauce. Pizza is like a hug in food version. No matter what kind of day.
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We take a lot of relationships for granted. Our parents and grandparents, friends and colleagues, spouses and significant others, boyfriends and girlfriends, even our children. Though we may take advantage of, and may even abuse, these relationships, there is one relationship that never falters, regardless of how your treat it. And that is your relationship with Pizza. When you phone for Pizza, it knows you mean business. It shows up on time and prepared for every outcome, regardless of the time of day. When you answer the door, you see Pizza in its most stunning: clad in pepperoni, sausage, olives, and stuffed crustyour favorite.


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