The man with the golden arm scary story

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the man with the golden arm scary story

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The Golden Arm. From Scary Spooky Stories.

A Corpse Claims Its Property

Post a Comment. Pages Home Favorite Posts Contact. Monday, March 5, The Golden Arm. When at last his wife died the husband took great pains to let everyone see how grieved he was at her loss. He wore a black suit and a long, somber face to her funeral.

Oh my goodness! Finally figured it out! A man has a golden arm, and whenever he shook hands with people they were fascinated with the golden arm. He finally died, and was buried with his golden arm. One man in the village went home after the funeral and kept thinking about the golden arm and how much he wanted it. So he went out in the darkness and dug it up and took it home. He put it under his pillow and tried to sleep.

Click to enlarge. THERE was once a man who travelled the land all over in search of a wife. He saw young and old, rich and poor, pretty and plain, and could not meet with one to his mind. At last he found a woman, young, fair, and rich, who possessed a right arm of solid gold. He married her at once, and thought no man so fortunate as he was. They lived happily together, but, though he wished people to think otherwise, he was fonder of the golden arm than of all his wife's gifts besides. At last she died.

What the world needs is a page, three-pound humor anthology. Once, a woman was struck by a car while she was crossing the street., The Golden Arm is a folktale, a story appearing in multiple cultures through oral tradition and folklore , most famously told by Mark Twain and also used by him to instruct others in how to tell a story. The tale begins with a death or a recently deceased victim who has an artificial limb , usually an arm, made of gold.

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