Mary tudor queen of france

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mary tudor queen of france

Profile for Mary Tudor, Queen of France from The Other Boleyn Girl (The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels, #9) (page 1)

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Mary Tudor Queen consort of France and Duchess of Suffolk 18 March 1496 25 June 1533

Mary Tudor was an English princess who was briefly Queen consort of France, the progenitor of a family that eventually claimed the English throne. She was the .
Philippa Gregory

Mary Rose Tudor, Queen consort of France

She began as a victim of circumstances but ended up marrying the love of her life. She was born on March 18, at Richmond Palace and was the youngest to survive infancy. They mostly grew up at Eltham Palace where they all had tutors and schoolmasters. Mary learned French from an early age. Mary and Henry were especially close as evidenced by Henry naming his first daughter after his sister.

Posted By Claire on March 18, Appearance: Mary was known for her beauty and was even said to be the most beautiful woman in England. However, the King of France died just a few months later, on 1st January Mary was kept isolated from men for 6 weeks at the Palais de Cluny to see if she was carrying the heir to the French throne, but then her real love, Charles Brandon, was sent to France to escort her home. Henry VIII was furious but his love for his favourite sister and his friendship with Brandon led to him forgiving the couple and they were officially married at Greenwich Palace on the 13th May Only Frances and Eleanor survived childhood.

Tragedy struck Mary at just seven years of age when her older brother and heir to the throne, Arthur, died in Mary and her older brother Henry were the only two siblings left in England and it has been suggested that during this time, growing up together, they formed a close bond which survived until Mary's death. Mary received an education fitting of her status and most likely learnt Latin and French, as well as how to dance, sing and play musical instruments. It has been reported that Mary Tudor was the most beautiful Princess in all of Christendom. It has been suggested that Mary, before she left England, made her brother promise that for her second husband she could have a man of her choosing.

She was just 37 years old. Throughout her life she had been plagued by unidentified illnesses. So what killed Mary Tudor?
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25 June 1533 The death of Mary Tudor, Queen of France

Suffolk 3 Mar , Paris, France. As she grew, Mary became a beautiful lady and was widely considered to be one of the most attractive women in Europe at the time. Mary was betrothed to Carlos the future Holy Roman Emperor , who, through his mother, was a nephew of Catalina De Aragon , with a marriage planned for May Mary was apparently please with this, since she probably had no desire to marry a boy four years younger. Unfortunately, Henry 's choice for a replacement was 34 years older than she- Louis XII, King of France , described as "feeble and pocky" and not a very pleasing prospect for a young, healthy and beautiful Princess.

Five months later, on April 2, , year-old Arthur was dead, probably of the sweating sickness , and his family was devastated. On February 2, , she gave birth to a daughter, Katherine. Shortly after giving birth, Elizabeth became ill with puerperal fever childbed fever and died on February 11, , her 37th birthday. Little Katherine died on February 18, By the age of eight, Mary had already dealt with much loss. Apparently, Mary made her brother promise that if she should survive Louis XII, she could choose her second husband. Mary left for France on October 2,

Following his death, she married Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk. This necessitated the intervention of Thomas Wolsey ; Henry eventually pardoned the couple, but they were forced to pay a large fine. Mary's second marriage produced four children, and she was the maternal grandmother of Lady Jane Grey through her oldest daughter Frances. Grey was the de facto Queen of England for nine days in July She was born at Sheen Palace , probably in March A privy seal bill dated from midsummer authorizes a payment of 50 shillings to her nurse, Anne Skeron.


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    She was princess of England , and was Queen of France for three months.

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