Alice in wonderland queens garden

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alice in wonderland queens garden

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The Playing Cards

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A large rose-tree stood near the entrance of the garden: the roses growing on it were Next came the guests, mostly Kings and Queens, and among them Alice .
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She is a foul-tempered monarch whom Carroll himself describes as "a blind fury", and who is quick to give death sentences at the slightest offense. The Queen is referred to as a card from a pack of playing cards by Alice, yet somehow she is able to talk and is the ruler of the lands in the story, alongside her husband, the King of Hearts. - Alice enters the garden and meets three gardeners in the shape of playing cards. The gardeners Two, Five, and Seven bicker with each other as they paint the white roses on the rose trees red.

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They are playing cards with a human head, arms and legs. They are loyal servants as well as guards for The Queen of Hearts. It is explained in the book that the spades are gardeners, clubs are soldiers, diamonds are courtiers, and hearts are members of the royal family. Alice first meets three cards the 2, 5 and 7 of Spades in the Queen's garden painting white roses red. One of them explains that they accidentally planted white roses, and because the queen hates white roses they have to paint them red or the Queen will behead them. After the Queen arrives, she finds white roses and orders the execution of all three of them. Alice hides these 3 in a flowerpot, after this their fate is unknown.



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    Chapter 8: The Queen’s Croquet Ground

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    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit Wonderland?

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