Brightness of hope neal a maxwell

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brightness of hope neal a maxwell

Quote by Neal A. Maxwell: “While weak hope leaves us at the mercy of our m...”

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Published 26.09.2019

Brightness of Hope

Hope through the Atonement of Jesus Christ

Prophets have always had and taught ultimate hope in Christ. Hope helps us to walk by faith, not by sight. This can actually be safer. When unaided spiritually, natural sight often shrinks from the odds see 2 Cor. It is immobilized by improbabilities.

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As I raised my arm this morning, I raise my voice this afternoon gladly to sustain President Hunter. He is a meek and special man. I rejoice in two outstanding new Seventies and in new special sister leaders. For some years, brothers and sisters, there has been an increasing and profound sense of existential despair in the world. This mortal hopelessness both reflects and affects much of mankind. A grumpy cynicism pervades politics in so many places on this planet.

I listened to many of these talks while making the long drive from Salt Lake to Heber City. His perspectives certainly colored this piece I wrote, where I included just one of his golden nuggets. Will update this with all of his Ensign articles , books , etc. Thanks for putting this together. I have started in listening to Elder Maxwell as a new study routine and have enjoyed nearly all his talks. He has his language that I am finally understanding.

Thank you very much, President Oaks. One of the joys of my life has been the association in recent years with President Oaks. He is, in my opinion, the outstanding university president in America today. He could preside over other universities and render a great service, but I am glad he is here. I am grateful for this beautiful music that has been so well sung, for those anthems of praise, and for the prayer offered in each of our behalfs. Because President Oaks has been courteous to me many times, I have had this signal honor before; but, as he pointed out, for the first time I feel as though I belong and am one of you.


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    Fixing Everything

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    “Brightness of Hope”. Neal A. Maxwell. Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. As I raised my arm this morning, I raise my voice this afternoon gladly to sustain.

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