St louis worlds fair 1904

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st louis worlds fair 1904

St. Louis: The 1904 Worlds Fair by Joe Sonderman

For seven months in 1904, St. Louis was the greatest city on earth. Millions flocked to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition to behold the inventions of the early 20th century. Many saw electric lights, automobiles, aircraft, and moving pictures for the first time. At a time when few traveled more than a couple miles from home, visitors encountered the people and cultures of faraway lands. It was an educational experience, a university of mankind. The Pike offered amusement rides, wild animal displays, and fanciful trips through the Hereafter and Creation exhibits. Fairgoers visited the Alps, the North Pole, Russia, and Paris and witnessed famous battles. Everyone wanted to ride the great Observation Wheel. There were hootchy-kootchy dancers and wonderful new foods, such as the ice-cream cone. But it was all temporary, a dream city made to last only a few months. With the exception of todays St. Louis Art Museum, the grand palaces are gone. St. Louis: The 1904 Worlds Fair tells the story of the greatest Victorian-era worlds fair since the lights of the fair faded over a century ago, while also examining the fairs legacies and legends.
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St. Louis History - Demolishing The 1904 World Fair Pike

The Louisiana Purchase Exposition , informally known as the St. Louis World's Fair , was an international exposition held in St. More than 60 countries and 43 of the 45 American states maintained exhibition spaces at the fair, which was attended by nearly
Joe Sonderman

Louisiana Purchase Exposition

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The fair, built on a 1, acre site, was conceived on a gigantic scale. It included hundreds of thousands of objects, people, animals, displays, and publications from 62 exhibiting countries and 43 of the 45 states.
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St. Louis World's Fair

From April 30 through December 1, , more than 20 million people went to the fair, an average of more than , each day. The movement to celebrate the centennial of the Louisiana Purchase began in and gathered momentum under the direction of former Governor of Missouri, David R. The City of St. Louis loaned the park for use of the fair with the condition that after the close of the exposition the area would be returned to a park setting. Construction began in and the fair was scheduled to open in But as the enterprise grew in scope and size it became necessary to postpone it until The Louisiana Purchase Exposition transformed the western half of the park into a fairyland of white palaces surrounded by lagoons and artistic landscaping.

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