What does no surrender mean

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what does no surrender mean

No Surrender by Ai

Finnegan Awake

Am I daft? I wonder as I shake myself awake from a dream
In which I’ve seen a photograph of James Joyce’s family,
At least that’s what the faint handwriting
On the white border claimed
But as my eyes traveled up from there,
I was puzzled to see only darkness
Where I thought I would find the kind of portrait
Popular at the time, from which people stared gravely,
As if daring the photographer
To capture what was only a small glimpse
Of the bitter fruit we call kinship.
Perhaps there was no mystery after all
And I’d been sent a message from beyond by Joyce himself
To help me learn what he knew all too well.
Family is heaven and it’s hell so entwined
You cannot tell one from the other,
But must dwell forever in the dark eternity between the two.
Yet, I knew that wasn’t quite what he had in mind.
I imagined it was because my surname’s Finnegan,
But then again what difference does that make,
I wonder, wishing I could divine my dream runes like some
Who knew it would do no good
To unmask what should stay hidden,
To “develop” the negative.
Better to take a sedative as I do
And sink into a deeper kind of sleep
And not dream, not finally understand the “meaning” of things,
Which after all are meaningless
Outside the context of life, death, sex and the rest of it.
Yet, as I wake a bit hungover, late for work
And hearing my helpmate, child and Rover
Beginning to take their places
At the breakfast table and beside it, I’m glad I failed
At my attempt at divination
And lived to tell the tale.
When I go to breakfast, my girl, Maggie, tells me
She’s got something to show me.
It’s her latest watercolor which lies upon my plate,
But all I see is a large black square of paint,
So I ask, “What is it then?”
She answers, “Jonah swallowing the whale,
Or it’s you setting sail for Panama in a gale.
Aw, it’s silly.”
But I say, “No, it’s our lives reduced to ashes.”
When she asks, “How do you know?”
I say, “A great Irish writer told me so.”
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No Surrender- Bruce Springsteen LYRICS

Is 'No Surrender' sectarian?

I t has been on the fixture list for months — I snapped up my tickets as long ago as February. Yet it seems that the FA has only now woken up to the fact that it may be anything but friendly in the stands. In the coming days all England supporters and ticket-holders will be receiving an email or letter from the England manager telling us not to sing a certain song on the night in order not to cause offence. For as long as I've been a travelling England fan my first game was Moldova away in , a decent proportion of England fans have used the musical pause after the third line of God Save the Queen to insert "No Surrender" with as much volume and defiance as they can manage. And as the action ebbs and flows on the pitch — especially when it ebbs — the chant will go up again: "No surrender, no surrender, no surrender to the IRA scum! Not everybody joins in, but enough do to ensure the sentiment is firmly established as part and parcel of what being an England fan is — whether we like it or not in my case and plenty of other fans' case, the latter. The FA know all this only too well, but over the years they've put their hands over their collective ears and wished it would go away.

Kevin Palmer Twitter. There was a perception that English football hooliganism was a fading fad, yet the hard evidence on the ground has confirmed otherwise for some time. You get the impression that if these obese, bald, short men went to war, garden furniture would be their weapon of choice and that tends to be their chief line of attack historically and after their cease fire in recent major tournaments for a variety of reasons, the scenes that were so familiar in the s and 90s and have filled our TV screens once again. It is pathetic moronic behaviour from an underclass that cannot handle their beer and turn violent at the hint of provocation. And they do it all under the flag of St George, belting out their God Save the Queen rallying cry and at moments notice to confirm who they are representing. Taking all your clothes off, urinating in the high street, abusing passing women and taking over town squares like some kind of travelling army is viewed as reasonable behaviour by these clowns, but clearly they do not fit into the 21st century world.

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