What does too turnt to care mean

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what does too turnt to care mean

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What Does It Really Mean to ‘Turn Up’?

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Top definition. too turntdrugs. when you've had too much to drink and you're passed out on the floor · Jim was too turnt last night · #turnt#turn.
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On October 18th, , Urban Dictionary user KayBee LD submitted an entry for the phrase "turnt up," defining it as "getting drunk" or "getting loose. On May 14th, the pop culture blog Pop Dust [3] published an article titled "Everything You Need to Know About 'Turnt'", which chronicled the word's history in hip hop music.

Top definition. Turnt unknown. Turnt is a variation of "turned" used only to describe when someone is excessively excited or prepared for the current event. In it's entirety, it can commonly be seen used as " turnt up," as in "turned up. They simply are neutral in their stature, and unfit for the current event.

The word has been all over social media, taking over every other word in rap songs and hip hop music, and creeping its way into the lexicon of youths everywhere as they scream it at parties, on the weekends, and even at school: "turnt. Are we sure it's a word and not a typo? Who even says it? And how on Earth do we know whether we're "living turnt? As it turns out, the word "turnt" is the third generation kin of two other words. It all started with the word "turn," as it means "to change in nature, state, or form. For one to "turn up," one must actively decide to transcend the mundane of every day routine and single-handedly change the course of the day to be full of an all-encompassing enthusiasm.


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