What was charles perraults contribution to childrens literature

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what was charles perraults contribution to childrens literature

The Complete Fairy Tales by Charles Perrault

A pumpkin is transformed into a coach. Bluebeards young wife unlocks the door of the forbidden room. Children lost in the forest find shelter, but the house belongs to an ogre. These and many other scenes from the stories of Charles Perrault reach deep into the imagination and are never forgotten.
Now, in this scintillating new translation, the fairy tales of Perrault--stories that are known and loved around the world--are available in a beautiful gift edition. This superb translation by Christopher Betts exactly captures the tone and flavor of Perraults world, and the delightful spirit of the originals. In addition to the classic prose tales--including The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood, Little Red Riding-Hood, Bluebeard, Puss in Boots, Cinderella, and Hop o my Thumb--this new translation adds Perraults tales in verse: a long poem on the subject of Patient Griselda; the notorious Donkey-Skin, often expunged from nineteenth-century collections; and the comic Three Silly Wishes. Betts introduction deftly illuminates why in Perraults hands these humble fairly tales have such great imaginative power, showing how they transmute into vivid fantasies the hidden fears and conflicts by which children are affected--fears of abandonment, conflicts with siblings and parents--and resolve so satisfactorily the problems experienced by children during the process of growing up. The volume also includes appendices on related tales and selected variants, a bibliography, chronology, and notes.
With twenty-six stunning illustrations by Gustave Dore, an attractive ribbon marker, and colorful end papers, this wonderful collection of Perraults fairy tales will make a delightful gift for children of any age.
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Sleeping Beauty: Once Upon a Time - A Children's Guide to Folklore and Wonder Tales

Charles Perrault

Charles Perrault January 12, — May 16, was a French author who laid foundations for a new literary genre , the fairy tale. In in Paris , Perrault published several tales from the oral tradition that he modified with his own embellishments. They enjoyed instant success. The book contained eight fairy tales and he would eventually record a total of 11 fairy tales. All his tales were written in prose with a moral at the end.

Charles Perrault lived in France in the s. He was a lawyer who also wrote poetry and short stories, some of which he wrote for his children and later.
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The following entry presents an overview of Perrault's career through For further information on his life and career, see CLR, Volume Writing in seventeenth-century France during the reign of King Louis XIV , Perrault is best remembered as the creator of the modern fairy tale. Translated into numerous languages and adapted by authors and artists of every medium, Perrault's fairy tales are considered among the most influential works in children's literature, having played an integral role in European folk culture for over three hundred years. In Perrault received a law degree and passed the bar, but soon grew disillusioned with the French legal system. He took a job as a clerk under his brother—a tax collector—in , and began publishing poems in When his wife died in , Perrault was left with the task of raising and educating their four children.


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    The stories continue to be printed and have been adapted to opera, ballet such as Tchaikovsky 's The Sleeping Beauty , theatre, and film.

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