What if the south won

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what if the south won

If the South Had Won the Civil War by MacKinlay Kantor

The Past is a strange place indeed . . . everything could have been so different so easily.
Just a touch here and a tweak there . . . .

MacKinlay Kantor, Pulitzer Price-winning author and master storyteller, shows us how the South could have won the Civil War: how two small shifts in history (as we know it) in the summer of 1863 could have turned the tide for the Confederacy. What would have happened to the Union, to Abraham Lincoln, to the people of the North and South, to the world?

If the South Had Won the Civil War originally appeared in Look magazine nearly half a century ago. It immediately inspired a deluge of letters and telegrams from astonished readers, and became an American Classic overnight. Published in book form soon after, Kantors masterpiece has been unavailable for a decade. Now, this much requested classic is once again available for a new generation of readers, and features a stunning cover by acclaimed Civil War artist Don Troiani, a new introduction by award-winning alternate history author Harry Turtledove, and fifteen superb illustrations by the incomparable Dan Nance.

It all begins on that fateful afternoon of Tuesday, May 12, 1863, when a deplorable equestrian accident claims the life of General Ulysses S. Grant . . . .
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Hank Williams Jr.- If The South Would Have One

American Civil War alternate histories are alternate history fiction that focuses on the Civil War or a lack thereof ending differently.
MacKinlay Kantor

What if the South had won the War?

Aaron Sheehan-Dean is the Fred C. Civil War , and also the editor of several books. There were two major accomplishments of the Civil War, and they are the preservation of the Union and emancipation. So you could certainly see an independent Midwest, and the area from California through to Washington state probably could have made itself its own place. Even within the Confederacy, there were certainly sections like East Tennessee that were vigorously Unionist during the war, and which might have pulled away. This was one of the major arguments against secession to begin with where did it stop? So I expect that it would have continued; that process of creating smaller autonomous republics within the space that is today the continental United States.

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The Civil War is over. However, there exists a group of people who want to not only celebrate our state's role in this enormously tragic war, they want to promote their own version of the causes for the conflict. This is my beef. The Civil War was the deadliest war in our nation's history, and the war began with the signing of the Ordinance of Secession in Charleston on Dec. Southerners wanted to preserve slavery because the institution was an integral part of its agrarian economy. By contrast, the Republican Party in declared slavery "the great moral, social, and political evil of the day.

What would our world be like today?

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