What does mars aeternum mean

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what does mars aeternum mean

Wicked Wonders by Ellen Klages

The award-winning author of The Green Glass Sea returns with smart and subversive new tales

A rebellious child identifies with Maleficent instead of Sleeping Beauty. Best friends Anna and Corry share one last morning on Earth. A solitary woman inherits a penny arcade haunted by a beautiful stranger. A prep-school student requires more than luck when playing dice with a faerie. Ladies who lunch—dividing one last bite of dessert—delve into new dimensions of quantum politeness. At summer camp, a young girl discovers the heartbreak of forbidden love.

Whether on a habitat on Mars or in a boardinghouse in London, discover Ellen Klages’ wicked, wondrous adventures full of cheeky wit, empathy, and courage.
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MARS AETERNUM! - Infinite Warfare Part 3

Settlement Defense Front

You didn't. You said you wanted to see me, and used all manner of flattery that had as sincerity in it as this planet has surface water. Dust swirled around, what little of it was visible. Martian nights regularly reached degrees Celsius, and were a damn sight warmer than Beckett's scowl towards him. Stand hard, for this is a harsh world. Stand firm, because history will inevitably follow suit.

Personality: Kotch was a ruthless leader who was willing to do anything to defeat the UNSA, and was one of the most feared men in the solar system while commanding the Olympus Mons. He was just as merciless on the ground, as shown when he had SCAR Team Seven brutally executed after feigning sympathy towards them. He believes in victory at any cost and is willing to sacrifice his own men or even his ship and own life if it means devastation to the people of Earth. Overall, he is fanatically devoted to defeating the forces of Earth and controlling the solar system, even if it means his own death. According to his file, it was at the International Naval War College in Oslo, as an exchange officer, that he found the concepts of sympathy and mercy to be weaknesses that cannot be tolerated. Kotch seems to be an opposite parallel Nick Reyes, as Reyes cares highly about his men and will do anything to save them, whereas Kotch is willing to let his men die and considers civilian casualties acceptable in his ultimate goal of defeating the UNSA. Furthermore, his treatment of his subordinates is so ruthless that he is willing to shoot one of his soldiers just to show a member of SCAR team that caring is a weakness, after the murder he executes the entire team regardless.

They see themselves as the true inheritors of the solar system and believe their way of life to be "stronger, more pure," than the people of Earth. In SetDef's mind, living off-world has made them more worthy of ruling the solar system, while those who reside on Earth are weak "fat cats," living off the bounty of the off-world colonies. In other words, they believe in an extreme form of Social Darwinism. They value functionality over style, an attitude reflected in everything from their ships to their weapons and armor, which is modular, with everything designed to protect them from the harshness of space. They have re-purposed service robots into military roles, adding to their legions of troops. For SetDef, a true victory would mean the utter cessation of all influence from Earth.

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    PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "mars aeternum means "Mars forever"". SDF council members are "elected" for life.

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