What does sometime soon mean

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what does sometime soon mean

Sometime Soon by Debra Doxer

Dating is making Andrea Whitman miserable, and she’s not just tired of it, she’s jaded.

She wonders if an attractive, successful woman with a strong sense of right and wrong can find love in a fast-paced, inked-up, follow-the-path-of-least-resistance kind of world. Andrea admits shes choosey, and she can be opinionated. But after years of dating, she would settle for kindness, consideration, and some chemistry. In her pursuit of those traits, she has been insulted, demeaned, and more than a little hurt. She is ready to give up on finding a relationship to concentrate on more attainable goals like success in her high-tech career, and being a good friend and sister. But those friends, and her family, will not allow her to throw in the towel.

Andrea isn’t lacking dates. Her cup is overflowing, and there’s one man who has potential. The chemistry between them is undeniable. But when Andrea lets the disappointments of her past affect the relationships of her present, she risks losing one of the good guys when he finally does come along.
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What's It Mean When A Guy Says "We Should Chill Sometime"

What does "some time soon" mean?

Most often, sometime is one word: He will wash the car sometime. When some is used adjectivally with time to mean a short time, a long time, or an indefinite time, then it should be written as two words: She has not heard from her friend in some time. Related words that can be discussed here include the pronoun anyone and the adverb anytime which are written as one word, while the pronoun no one is two words, though you will sometimes see noone. The two-word spellings of any time and any one are used in these constructions: At any time during the program, you may excuse yourself. The intended meaning drives the choice but some rules can help you make a choice.

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i don t want to love him

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Sometimes VS Some time VS Sometime –What’s the difference? - English speaking Lesson

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    Explanation of the English phrase "sometime soon": "Sometime soon" means " soon" but not at any specific time. You can use For example: Let's meet again sometime in the next week. I saw her “We should do this again sometime soon. ”.

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