What does the coexist sign mean

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what does the coexist sign mean

Peaceful Coexistence Quotes (18 quotes)

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Published 13.09.2019

The big fight over Coexist

This bumper sticker may be one of the most well-known on the planet; the phenomenon encourages different people to live together in peace and harmony.

The History Behind The “Coexist” Logo On Your Bumper Sticker

The designer, Piotr Mlodozeniec's basic coexistence design is uncomplicated and easy to understand. The design uses three symbols that stand for Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Mlodozeniec modified the word "coexist" in the following ways:. Today, there are several different versions of the coexist design. Starting with Mlodozeniec's conception, the newer designs add additional symbols:.

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What Does God Say About "Coexist"?

The main idea behind these bumper stickers is that no religion or movement is above the other, and that we should all, well, coexist. Despite having differing religious or worldview backgrounds, we should all strive to coexist with one another. Honestly, I hate this bumper sticker. I hate it because it is impossible. We cannot attain coexistence with one another and we will never be able to. It's against our nature and seeing the sticker only serves to remind me of its absurdity. By stating that we should all coexist, you are not living in coexistence with someone who disagrees with you.


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