What is the rarest pair of jordans

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what is the rarest pair of jordans

The Maltese Jordans: The Worldwide Chase for the Rarest Pair of Kicks by Seth Harwood

Totally enjoyed this book. although rather than hard-boiled detective, Id classify Jack Palms as a medium-boiled detective, sort of like Jim Rockfor from the TV series The Rockford Files. A once-was action star (of one film) Palms has had to take on the job of bounty hunting, which hes pretty good at. Its the hunting down of a guy named Meyer Mody, who owes the Mob, some big Hawaiian guys, and has skipped bail, that draws him into the world of sneakerheads and one of a kind kicks. Harwoods done his research into the world of sneakerheads and the portrayal of the kinds of persons who are fanatical, obsessive about high priced, rare sneakers--usually worn or endorsed by a basketball star--is spot on. I knew a bit about that world, and about the obsessive-compulsive nature of collecting in general--to know that Harwood got that so right. Of course we have the love interest and the foil (another bounty hunter--a ruthless female!) to round out the cast of characters.

Harwood also gets the action sequences right and entertaining. Actions tough to write--one has to imagine a scene in slow motion to figure out how people move during a fight and then describe it. And it comes alive on the pages of this book. If you like your detectives Rockford-esque, enjoy a fair amount of punches to the face and a broken nose here and there, and have a nodding interest in the sneakerhead subculture, give this one a read. you wont be disappointed.
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$100 Sneakers Vs. $25,000 Sneakers

Jul 5, Why so rare? In early , 23 pairs of Dave White Air Jordan 1s were auctioned off via Sole Collector, with proceeds benefiting Jordan.
Seth Harwood

The Rarest Release of Every Air Jordan

Air Jordans are perhaps one of the most iconic sneakers to come from the Nike brand. The popularity of the sneakers has ebbed and flowed with time. But these days, the resale market for the iconic brand is practically soaring. Resale marketplaces sell Air Jordans for thousands of dollars. We consulted StockX and Stadium Goods to find the most expensive Air Jordans that have ever sold on either marketplace. At the time of the release, only a few pairs were given to fans, Footwear News reported. The black Fragment logo on the heel of this Air Jordan 1 was meant to designate this release for friends and family of the Jordan brand.

Alvin Goodley February 18, February 18, Stuff. Nike Air Jordans are one of the most widely collected sneakers in the world. Over the years, Nike has created special editions of various Air Jordan models that are exclusively for a specific athlete. These Jordans are actually the rarest, but since they are never released to the public, not much information exists about these player exclusive shoes. For this list, we chose instead to highlight the rarest Air Jordans that were available to the public when they were released. For the most part, the Jordans on this list are rare because they were specially created for various charity auctions. Other Jordans on this list are so rare because very limited quantities were produced and sold.

Jan 23, Many resellers profit purely off hyped releases, but that's not the only factor that can drive up the price of a pair of Air Jordans. Some sneakers.
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15. Jordan 1 Retro Fragment Friends and Family

Air Jordans exist in tiers of exclusivity: at the bottom are general releases, at the top are player exclusives and one-offs created for Jordan Brand-sponsored athletes and influencers. Inevitably, these fetch thousands of dollars on the resell market and became the stuff of sneaker lore. Gathered here are the rarest colorways for each Air Jordan model that actually released. Some were made available at specific retailers, some were auctioned off for charity, and others were introduced to the public through less conventional means. But all of them did actually release at some point, even if they did so in numbers so scarce that they disappeared immediately thereafter. Why so rare?

What is the most expensive pair of Air Jordan sneakers ever sold? Undoubtedly one of the best-selling sneakers in the world, Air Jordans are also known for being among the most expensive ones in the market. Although a bit pricey for a pair of sneakers, Air Jordans remain popular among both fans and non-fans of basketball legend Michael Jordan. The brand has become an institution that most sneakerheads feel that no pair of feet should ever be without them. Proof of this is the fact that even as purchasing and selling such shoes are enjoyable prospects, people would actually give anything for a pair of Air Jordan.

Most everyone has heard the name, Michael Jordan. He is the famous basketball player who went on to develop an entire line of basketball sneakers that have become some of the most popular sneakers to ever hit the stores. Some of the sneakers have become so popular, they are being sold for high prices, and if you are lucky to be able to afford them, you get the privilege of being able to say that you own a pair of Jordans. People who have been following the different Jordan sneaker releases through the years, probably already know which models have sold for the most and which ones are more reasonably priced. It was also the very first model include the visible air unit at the heel. The year Jordan wore the model, he had an amazing year; taking home a win in a slam dunk contest against Atlanta Hawks player, Dominique Wilson, then won the All Star MVP honors the very next day. He was also named Most Defensive Player of the Year that year.


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