What happens if an unstoppable force hits an immovable object

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what happens if an unstoppable force hits an immovable object

Quote by paradox: “someone asked: What happens when an unstoppable...”

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The Dark Knight "When an Unstoppable Force meets an Immovable Object" Full Scene (HQ)

You correctly said to think out of the box, but you didn't think far enough: You're only considering one Universe, however, there is the belief that there are Parallel Universes which means that there might be an immovable object in one and an unstoppable force in the other and that they may yet meet. Then we have chaos and a new cycle begins, another big bang, as many before and many still to come. Our universe s continually expand and retract when they brake just like rubber bands.

Irresistible force paradox

The room is tense. After an hour of arguing back and forth, the people involved are at a standstill. The discussion around a feature or decision has devolved into a battle of wit between two equally powerful forces: The Subject-Matter-Expert with an opinion vs. A different Subject-Matter-Expert with an opinion! See, Captain Marvel and Superman had equivalent powers.

Philosophy remains at the forefoot on the idea of thinking or on the approach of most mathematicians and scientists and whenever you evolve your mind to suppose on the far side of the realm, you feel yourself to be beset by nothingness and darkness amidst the galaxy. In school, you would have stumbled upon a matter on which you would have wanted to do all forms of mental juggling. An unstoppable force, from the perspective of a layman, sounds to be an imperious force, probably more forceful and fearful than an earthquake that sweeps away any object, irrespective of the size or mass that comes in its path. The energy of the force should not depreciate a trifle throughout the course of its transmission from one object to another. Hence, by terminology, an unstoppable force, in order to become unstoppable, ought to possess infinite energy.

For example, consider the following statement:. If a barber shaves all those men and only those men who do not shave themselves, does he shave himself? If the barber shaves himself, then he is shaving a man who shaves himself, which is something that by definition he does not do. So what is the answer? Well, the question has no answer, because the definition we use for our barber contains within it a logical contradiction. What would happen if an unstoppable force met with an unmovable, impenetrable object? In that case, this question is unanswerable, because like the barber paradox above, it relies on contradictory information.

In short nothing! An unstoppable force cannot be unstoppable in the same universe where an immovable object exists, as it would no longer be unstoppable.
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By Kikacat , July 16, in Paradoxes. The famous paradox: what happens if an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? It has many variations, unstoppable bullet v. However, I think there may be three viable options. Perhaps the unstoppable force was diverted from its course. The immovable object would not have moved, and the force would not have ceased.

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    The unstoppable force paradox, also called the irresistible force paradox, shield and spear paradox, is a classic paradox formulated as "What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?.

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    The Joker thought he had found the answer while dangling at the end of The Dark Knight, but have you ever really wondered what would happen when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? The folks at Minute Physics did, and as usual brought a mountain of entertaining science.

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