What am i searching for

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what am i searching for

Quote by Khaled Hosseini: “I tell myself I am searching for something. But...”

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Published 11.09.2019

What am I searching for?

Life Purpose is a popular buzzword in the spiritual community. There are tons of books written to help you discover it, and there seems to be this idea that you need to figure out your Life Purpose in order to be on your spiritual path.

What is My Life Missing? What Am I Searching for?

Success is often the first step toward disaster. The idea of progress is often the enemy of actual progress. And then stood there awkwardly for a moment, gauging how brutally honest I was willing to be with someone I just met. This guy was very enthusiastic, clearly ready to spend a lot of money on whatever problem someone decided to tell him he had. He bristled a bit at my questions. Riley said that the Disease of More explains why teams who win championships are often ultimately dethroned, not by other, better teams, but by forces from within the organization itself. The players, like most people, want more.

There were many years in my life when I realized I was searching for something. There was a void within me that I could never fill. There was a level of happiness I could never achieve. There was a yearning for something more; but, I had no idea what that something was. When in high school, I did not feel popular enough, my relationships were not satisfying me, and I wanted to be happier. As I entered dental school, I worked hard to be the best dentist I could. As I began my dental practice, I worked hard to succeed, to create a life with a family, and to retire at an earlier age.

But sometimes, no matter how great your day went or how extraordinary your life has been, there will always be times when we find ourselves still feeling empty — a void that seems impossible to be ever filled. Maybe, it comes from our need to always attain perfection, to be accepted, to belong, and to never settle. We constantly live our lives searching for contentment and meaning, oftentimes in the superficial things, unlikeliest of places, and the wrong people — ending up further dissatisfied and irreparably broken. Every so often, our hunger to have-it-all pushes us to personally set unrealistic expectations, compare our lives to others, and spend majority of our time on things that are temporary — ultimately losing ourselves in the process. There are thousands of strangers from all walks of life we cross paths with on a daily basis. Out of all the hundreds of people we meet and the relationships we build in our lifetime, we undervalue the most important of all — our relationship with ourselves. We like to put our faith in people; hoping that they could heal the broken parts and fill the empty spaces of our hearts.

More is not always better

We are all searching for a purpose, a career and a life that really matter. So if you feel stuck, trapped or hopeless—if you want more —ask yourself these five questions to get your life back on track:. Related: How to Find Your Purpose. Who you are becoming far outweighs who you are. If what you are doing today is not making you a better human being or the world a better place, you are probably on the wrong path. I often have my coaching clients write a letter to their future self.

Looking for deeper meaning and purpose? Want to identify the most intimate core of your being? How does in affect your wellbeing? From ancient times through the modern era, this core aspect of humanity is at the center of debate and discussion. We know so much about the world around us. Yet, we know so little about, the very essence of our being! If not, you feel like you are missing something.

I searched high and low for answers. I was smart and resourceful. I was making an effort. It was only years later I shifted my attention to a different part of the equation, and started to focus less on the answers and more on the questions. Instead, it felt more like a wearing down and wearing away:.


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