What was the resistance movement

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what was the resistance movement

Resistance Movement Quotes (27 quotes)

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Published 10.09.2019

Sweden Must Outlaw the Nordic Resistance Movement

Resistance during World War II

Resistance movements during World War II occurred in every occupied country by a variety of means, ranging from non-cooperation to propaganda to hiding crashed pilots and even to outright warfare and the recapturing of towns. In many countries, resistance movements were sometimes also referred to as The Underground. Many countries had resistance movements dedicated to fighting or undermining the Axis invaders , and Nazi Germany itself also had an anti-Nazi movement. Although Britain was not occupied during the war, the British made complex preparations for a British resistance movement. There were also resistance movements fighting against the Allied invaders. In Italian East Africa , after the Italian forces were defeated during the East African Campaign , some Italians participated in a guerrilla war against the British The German Nazi resistance movement " Werwolf " never amounted to much.

One of the key aspects of democracy is participation and debate, including disagreement. For a healthy democratic system to survive, a diverse range of opinions must be heard.
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Existing Resistance projects:

This is the umbrella project for the wide range of Resistance Movements, Underground Organisations and Partisan Fighters during WWII that were active in almost every country though a variety of methods. Should a suitable project not yet exist for your profiles you can create a new one. If you need help with starting another project, contact one of the following curators: Pam Karp , Wendi Newman , Kevin Hanit ,. The URL of new projects that you create should be added to the list under the heading Existing Resistance Projects in this page. Resistance movements during World War II occurred in every occupied country by a variety of means ranging from non-cooperation, disinformation and propaganda, to hiding sought after agents and even to outright warfare and capturing of towns.


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    The heavy-handed response of the state saw thousands of activists detained and imprisoned soon after the massacre of protesters on 21 March

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    Resistance movement - Wikipedia

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