What does conquistador mean literally in english

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what does conquistador mean literally in english

Conquest: Montezuma, Cortes and the Fall of Old Mexico by Hugh Thomas

Drawing on newly discovered sources and writing with brilliance, drama, and profound historical insight, Hugh Thomas presents an engrossing narrative of one of the most significant events of Western history.

Ringing with the fury of two great empires locked in an epic battle, Conquest captures in extraordinary detail the Mexican and Spanish civilizations and offers unprecedented in-depth portraits of the legendary opponents, Montezuma and Cortes. Conquest is an essential work of history from one of our most gifted historians.
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Literally - an overused word?


Toggle nav. A conqueror, but especially one of the Spanish soldiers that invaded Central America and South America in the 16th century and defeated the Incas and Aztecs. Conquistadors from Portuguese or Spanish conquistadores "conquerors"; , , is a term used to refer to the soldiers and explorers of the Spanish Empire or the Portuguese Empire in a general sense. During the Age of Discovery, conquistadors sailed beyond Europe to the Americas, Oceania, Africa and Asia, conquering territory and opening trade routes. They colonized much of the world for Spain and Portugal in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Conquistador is a alternate history novel by S. Its point of divergence occurs when the empire of Alexander the Great endures long after Alexander's death, creating a markedly different history that prevents the European conquest of the Americas.

They colonized much of the world for Spain and Portugal in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. After Columbus's discovery of the West Indies in , the Spanish, primarily nobles from the west and south of Spain, began building up an American empire in the Caribbean, using islands such as Cuba , Puerto Rico , and Hispaniola as bases. From the territories of the Aztec Empire conquistadors expanded Spanish rule to northern Central America and parts of what is now southern and western United States. Other conquistadors took over the Inca Empire after crossing the Isthmus of Panama and sailing the Pacific to northern Peru. Conquistadors founded numerous cities, many of them on locations with pre-existing pre-colonial settlements including the capitals of most Latin American countries. Besides conquests, Spanish conquistadors made significant explorations into the Amazon Jungle , Patagonia , the interior of North America, and the Pacific Ocean. Portugal established a route to China in the early 16th century, sending ships via the southern coast of Africa and founding numerous coastal enclaves along the route.

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The Spanish word conquistador mean conquer in English. Conquistador is Spanish for "conqueror". For example: The handsome conquistador was contemplating the idea of having a beard. Conquistador is a noun, so it can be preceded by an adjective and followed by a verb. The Spanish conquistadors went to the Americas in search of gold.


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    Conquistador definition, one of the Spanish conquerors of Mexico and Peru in the noun, plural con·quis·ta·dors, Spanish con·quis·ta·do·res [kawng-kees-tah- th.

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