I miss what we had

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i miss what we had

Quote by Tonya Hurley: “We dont miss what we never had, but we miss te...”

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Published 09.09.2019

Gnash - I'm So Sad (Lyrics)

I Don't Miss You, I Miss What We Almost Had

If I had been able to be a better person at that point in my life, I know what we would have had. How can you miss something that never quite was? In every significant relationship you experience, you have high hopes everything will work out in a wonderful way. Every love is the attempt for it to be your happily ever after. It's possible to look back and think about each relationship to see the beauty in the possibility of each of them, even if they did not end in what could have been. This is not to take away anything from what you have now because what you have now is wonderful.

I Miss What We Had Poem

I never really stopped missing you. And I just want you to know that. I want you to know that I still think about you every now and then. I still think about you and all of the time that we used to spend together. I still think about all the memories that we used to share. I really do still miss you. But I do miss you.


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    I miss the relationship that we had.

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    Pin on missing mom

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