Peter hoeg the quiet girl

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peter hoeg the quiet girl

The Quiet Girl by Peter Hoeg

Kaspar Krone is a world-renowned circus clown, and a man in some deep trouble. Drowning in gambling debt and wanted for tax evasion, Krone is drafted into the service of a mysterious order of nuns who promise him reprieve in return for his help safeguarding a group of children with mystical abilities that Krone also shares. When one of the children goes missing, Krone sets off to find the young girl and bring her back, making a shocking series of discoveries along the way.
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Peter Hoeg

The Quiet Girl book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Kaspar Krone is a world-renowned circus clown, and a man in some de.. .
Peter Hoeg

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He "had to write it", but channelling "the creative energy" took time, he says. Behind its thriller disguise, the book is a sweeping review of the writer's beliefs about the world and the other-worldly. Kaspar's brief is a taxing one. The sacred-quest plot revolves around this supernaturally multi-talented, if flawed hero. He is a clown of genius and international fame, as well as a brilliant musician with a Bach fixation.

In The Quiet Girl , the latest novel by Danish author Peter Hoeg, a year-old girl with singular powers has gone missing, and Kasper Krone, a famed circus clown with gambling debts, tax problems and a rarefied sense of hearing promises to save her. Krone's willingness to face down thugs and influential adversaries to honor a pledge to save the child and solve the mystery behind her disappearance echoes elements of Hoeg's acclaimed work, Smilla's Sense of Snow. In that haunting thriller, a perennial outsider -- the half-Inuit, half-Danish Smilla Jasperson -- sets out to answer lingering questions about a six-year-old boy from her apartment building who appears to have fallen to his death from the roof of a nearby warehouse. Krone is a Danish native, but he's an outsider, too. He grew up in the vagabond world of high-wire acts and circus performers and became a headlining musical clown renowned for his virtuoso violin skills. But what really sets him apart is his uncanny ability to "hear" people and places. Because of Krone's preternatural audio sensitivity, he is constantly bombarded by the sounds around him: pulsing hearts, the thrum of electrical currents, and the purr of expensive watches.

The Quiet Girl

Rate this book. Set in Denmark in the here and now, The Quiet Girl centers around Kaspar Krone, a world-renowned circus clown with a deep love for the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, and an even deeper gambling debt. When one of the children goes missing, Krone sets off to find the young girl and bring her back, making a shocking series of discoveries along the way about her identity and the true intentions of his young wards. The result is a fast-paced, philosophical thriller blending social realism with the literary fantastic and pitting art and spirituality against corporate interests and nothing less than the will to war by the industrialized world. The Quiet Girl is a masterful, inventive novel that marks the triumphal return of one of the great writers of the international literary world.

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The publicity material for this latest story from Denmark's hottest literary export since Hans Christian Andersen describes it as "the long-awaited new novel from the author of Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow". The British reader is also not informed that the first Danish edition of this book resulted in a loud dispute between conservative anti and liberal pro critics, resembling a literary equivalent of the row between Prince Charles and modernist architects. The traditionalists accused the author of pretension and obscurity, the innovators praised him for expanding the techniques of his profession. The novel that encouraged such international expectation but caused local disappointment has strong superficial similarities with Smilla: it is a thriller with substantial elements of magical realism which also takes the form of a quest for the truth about a child. In this case, the young MacGuffin is KlaraMaria, an orphan who has been coming to Kasper, a famous Danish clown, for lessons in physical comedy which he offers as a form of therapy. This reticent "quiet" child slips her teacher a note which suggests that she is a victim of crime.


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