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the i of it unblocked

Unblocked - Episode Four (Timber Towers, #4) by Marni Mann

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Episode four has been unleashed and I can honestly say this is my favourite part so far. This series is getting better and better.... I was enthralled with episode four from the very start. I loved the drama, the angst, the vulnerabilities shown and, of course, the sex is SCORCHING RED HOT!! Marni Mann writes the most enchanting erotica.

Unblocked is about honesty, truth, fear and trust, and making the right decisions at the right time. Over the course of the four episodes the story arc and the protagonists have developed immensely. Layers have been laced through, entwined within themselves until its given me something quite special in the form of Frankie and Derek.

Derek Block is a super sexy, charismatic and gorgeous flannel-shirt-wearing man and Frankie is strong and feisty. In this episode I feel she really owns her story and her feelings. Shes evolving into the kind of heroine Id want to be friends with which is truly the greatest compliment I can give to a female lead.

They both have decisions to make. We learn more of the why and the who in this episode. Histories are revealed and emotions explored. I basked in the feel of an increased intensity and depth shown through the authentic dialogue and beautiful prose. Vengeance is starting to play a crucial role in the story, making it all the more intriguing.

Their passion is intense, their chemistry sizzling. When this couple are together theyre on fire. Its beautiful and sexy, and shows their insatiable desire for one. Marni Mann has created a beautiful and cohesive partnership between her main characters, writing their togetherness effortlessly.

Frankie and Derek completely shine in this episode. They show their vulnerabilities and they made my heart beat fast with their dialogue and thoughts easily striking my 5 star book feelings. Everything is on point and executed to perfection. Unblocked is a wonderful erotic romance series for fans of sexy couples who fall in love but have hurdles to overcome. I have my fingers crossed that Derek and Frankie have their ultimate happy-ever-after in the fifth and final part of Unblocked, slated for release very soon!!


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