The journey to the west 2

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the journey to the west 2

The Journey to the West, Volume 2 by Wu Chengen

The Journey to the West, volume 2, comprises the second twenty-five chapters of Anthony C. Yus four-volume translation of Hsi-yu Chi, one of the most beloved classics of Chinese literature. The fantastic tale recounts the sixteen-year pilgrimage of the monk Hsuan-tsang (596-664), one of Chinas most illustrious religious heroes, who journeyed to India with four animal disciples in quest of Buddhist scriptures. For nearly a thousand years, his exploits were celebrated and embellished in various accounts, culminating in the hundred-chapter Journey to the West, which combines religious allegory with romance, fantasy, humor, and satire.
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Sun Wukong Journey to the West: Monkey king 2016

Journey To The West 2 (2017) hindi (1)

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Chow has returned to write and produce this sequel, handing the directing reins over to veteran filmmaker Tsui Hark. If anything, Demons Strike Back is an even zanier and more kid-friendly affair than the Chow original. In the previous film, loosely based on classic Chinese literature, Tang was set on a path toward Buddhist enlightenment after floundering as a demon hunter, rising to the occasion, and losing the love of his life. The sequel picks up with Tang Kris Wu, taking over the role from Wen Zhang accompanied by three animal-human shapeshifting gods, the Monkey King Kenny Lin , Pigsy Yang Yiwei , and fishlike Sandy Mengke Bateer , now his disciples, which is to say his reluctant sidekicks. The Monkey King has been just barely tamed since the last movie, but still sometimes yearns to turn against his master. Tang is on a pilgrimage but still fights demons along the way, during house calls that are somewhere between exorcisms the animal demons possess human bodies and ghostbusting their possessions tend to be colorful and not straight horrific.

Cantonese, Sai1 Jau4 hFeok6 Jiu2 Pin1 A sequel to Stephen Chow's film Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons, it was produced and co-written.
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Along the way, they encounter a nest of vicious spider demons, a petulant king Bao Bei-er and his minister Yao Chen , who has a dangerous belief in doing as he pleases. This is billed as the sequel to Journey To The West: Conquering The Demons , but there are actually quite a few changes from the earlier film. The tone of the film is a tad less silly, but there are still comic elements that are signature Chow, such as the exaggeratedly drooly Piggy and old women who are supposed to be exhausted year-olds. Idol singer-actor Kris Wu makes for a better-looking Tang, but Wen Zhang was more affecting in the earlier film. Monkey, Piggy and Sandy are also played by different actors, though the impact is less marked in their case as their faces are hidden under heavy make-up. The source material - the classic Chinese novel Journey To The West - merely serves as inspiration here and the film-makers take lots of liberty with the story.

The film follows the adventures of Tang Sanzang and his disciples Sun Wukong , Zhu Bajie , and Sha Wujing after the events of the first film; all four roles have been recast. His master congratulates him on reaching India and retrieving the Sutras , and gives him a halo as a reward. Tang encourages Sun Wukong to perform for the villagers, but the disciple refuses. Angered by this stubbornness, Tang provokes Sun Wukong by calling him a "bad monkey", which causes Sun Wukong to smash the village and damage the villagers' homes in his temper. The terrified villagers present the group with money and food for their travels, but Sun Wukong continues wreaking havoc, sending Zhu Bajie and Tang flying through the air.


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