The little coochie snorcher that could

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the little coochie snorcher that could

Our Shared Shelf - JAN/FEB-Vagina Monologues (2017): The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler Showing 1-50 of 99

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The Little Coochie Snorcher That Could

Suggested Reading at Talking People The Little Coochie Snorcher That Could. By Eve Ensler , US American. Work from The .

‘Vagina Monologues’ Effective, Not Ideal

And as the title suggests, the vagina was the focus of pretty much every story — at least, on the surface. Violence against women is a reality that everyone wants to ignore, though the danger is real. Whether it is through spousal abuse or the reality that is rape, violence against women is not as uncommon as we might like to believe, and in a world where the male always seems to sit at the top of the food chain, it is important to open our minds to the horrors that occur daily. This episodic play by Eve Ensler gives different stories from different women all relating back to the vagina. The point of the play is to bring awareness to the issue of violence and oppression against women. While a lot of the stories dealt with serious issues, it did not take itself too seriously. One of the stories that stuck with me was the one about witnessing a birth.

The performance proved both powerful on a personal level and bothersome on a textual level. As it was my first time seeing the Monologues , I was not quite certain as to what to expect. I knew that the piece generated a wide spectrum of reactions. This is a work that generates controversy while also having a rabid, enthusiastic fanbase. It has been both villainized and glorified. It could prove to be anything. Arriving early, I took my seat at the end of an aisle, watching as the rest of the audience began to pour into the Cinema.

The play explores consensual and nonconsensual sexual experiences, body image, genital mutilation, direct and indirect encounters with reproduction, vaginal care, menstrual periods, sex work , and several other topics through the eyes of women with various ages, races, sexualities, and other differences.
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From its not-so-humble beginnings in the mid-'90s as the Off-Broadway sensation that dared people to say its title, The Vagina Monologues has grown into a movement. Less than a play and more than just a piece of theater, this collection of first-person anecdotes, confessions and indictments has become a rallying point for women to reclaim not just their sexuality, but their innermost selves. Eve Ensler, who collected and adapted the personal stories that make up the monologues, heads V-Day, a global organization that works to raise money and awareness to stop violence against women and girls. Each year around Valentine's Day, the piece is performed in various configurations, from campus readings to all-star benefits, across the country and around the world. The monologues range from comic to horrifying, poignant to edgy. And "The Little Coochie Snorcher That Could" one of many vagina synonyms the show celebrates is about an adolescent lesbian experience with an older woman. The performances at the Academy of Music this Saturday will be the first professional staging in this area since a touring version came through seven years ago.

The audience waits in E. Thomas Hall for the start of The Vagina Monologues. Brooklyn Dennison. On Feb. The play addressed stigmas surrounding sexuality, rape, abuse, and gender.

Jan 01, AM. I am a little confused. Not sure what this work directly has to do with the definition of Feminism: "the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. Also wouldn't this book that speaks of the female sex also then go against the main argument I hear that "feminism is not about the feminine only but general equality"? Definition of Feminine: having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy, and prettiness. Such as vagina.


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