The orphan train girl summary

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the orphan train girl summary

Orphan Train Girl by Christina Baker Kline

I enjoyed this quick read about the orphan train children, something Id never known about. The author, Christina Baker Kline, creates a story about a woman in her 90s and a young girl, who have in common the fact that theyve both been orphans.

The story jumps in time from present day and Molly Ayers story, to 1929 with the story of Dorothy (whose name was changed from her original name). Molly gets in trouble for (view spoiler)[trying to steal a library book (hide spoiler)] so she has to serve community hours. The job she ends up getting to serve her hours is with an elderly woman named Vivian. The job that Molly has is to clean out Vivians attic from some old boxes and things that Vivian had been storing.

As Molly cleans and Vivian supervises her and tells her what to do with each item, Vivian gives her the history behind the items. Molly becomes intrigued for several reasons, one being that they have things in common. So Molly decides to do a report for her school teacher, Miss Larsen.

Mollys in foster care and isnt in a good place, so after she confides in her teacher how bad her home life is, Miss Larsen decides to do something about it.

I love how Vivian and Molly, about 80 years apart in age, become friends and share things theyve not been able to share with others.
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Book Trailer: Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline

Orphan Train Girl: The Young Readers’ Edition of Orphan Train

Thank you! Molly, quietly introspective, is performing community service, assigned surprisingly for trying to steal a battered paperback from the public library. In Vivian, she discovers a kindred spirit. The elderly white woman is an orphan too and traveled west in on an orphan train. The tale is painted with a broad brush, lacking the gentle nuance of the adult version. Although interesting, this effort may leave readers wishing to explore unplumbed depths. Novelist Christina Baker Kline shares with Kirkus TV why she thinks readers have connected so well with her runaway bestseller, Orphan Train, and why it was surprising to her that more people don't know about the lost American history of the 20th century she reveals in the novel.

These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. As a troublesome teenager, Molly hides all her insecurities under the aggressive front and pretended indifference. However, everything is not so bad. Nothing special happens till the day Molly decides to steal a book. This is an old and worn copy of Jane Eyre , which is her favorite story. When she is caught, she gets 50 hours of community service in order this incident could be erased from her record. The girl wipes off her make-up, takes off her Goth clothes and goes to Vivian — that old lady — to meet her face-to-face.

Many train riders were ashamed of this part of their past, and carried the secret of it for decades, and sometimes until they died.
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Molly Ayer is a seventeen-year-old girl who lives with her foster parents, Ralph and Dina Thibodeaus , in the town of Spruce Harbor, Maine. - This book is especially perfect for. Molly Ayer has been in foster care since she was eight years old.

Toggle navigation. Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline. This book is the story of two women. One is a seventeen years old living in foster care; the other is a ninety-one year old widow, who in her childhood rode the Orphan Train. The year is and Molly is in trouble with the law. She tried to steal a book from the Spruce Harbor Public Library, an act which came with a punishment of fifty hours of community service.

Sign up for our newsletters! In both books, a young orphan named Molly makes a series of bad choices resulting in community service. Rather than picking up trash by the highway, however, Molly is assigned with helping an elderly woman clean out her home, sorting through her possessions and memories as they clean. When Molly is first assigned with helping year-old Vivian clean out her attic, she is happy to have avoided a harsher sentence, but believes her time with Vivian will be boring and awkward. When she meets Vivian, however, she is delightfully keen and chatty for an old woman. Originally named Niamh, Vivian immigrated to the United States from Ireland with her parents and three siblings. There was a terrible fire in their New York City apartment, however, and no one but Niamh survived.


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