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pole to pole pat farmer

Pole to Pole: One Man, 20 Million Steps by Pat Farmer

In a feat that ranks with the brave and inspiring deeds of Sir Edmund Hillary and Jessica Watson, famed Australian ultramarathon runner Pat Farmer did what no human has ever done: run from the North Pole to the South Pole. His mission: to raise money for the Red Cross to fund water projects in the worlds neediest regions.

On the 21,000 km run, which took Farmer nearly a year to complete, he averaged an incredible 85 km a day. He faced freezing cold, polar bears and ice crevasses; searing heat and rattlesnakes; guerrillas and drug cartels; the stamina-sapping high altitudes of the Andes, and much more.

Pole To Pole is the story of his journey, told in his original diary format and accompanied by stunning photos.
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Published 09.07.2019

Why Pat Farmer is Running Pole to Pole for the Red Cross

Pole to Pole

Ever heard of Ultra Running? That crazy sport where people run anything beyond a marathon, and often more like km or miles non-stop. Now if you think that is kickass, meet Pat Farmer, the man who redefined ultra running by running from the North to the South Pole. He went way beyond what was ever thought humanly possible….. From to , Farmer commenced his passion of ultra-marathon running while working with his brother Tony as a landscape gardener and later as a motivational speaker.

However, what Australian ultra-marathon athlete and former politician Pat Farmer did is completely astounding. In , the then year-old ran 13, miles from the North Pole to the South Pole in less than a year. That means he ran two marathons a day for days straight. His mission? To raise money for the Red Cross to build clean water wells. He risked hypothermia and side-stepped fresh polar bear tracks for 40 days en route to Canada. Then it was time to load up an RV and put on his running shoes.

See a Problem?

Pat Farmer is finally home after tackling the greatest run in history, Pole to Pole — to raise funds for the Red Cross. I feel really weird at the moment and am keen to set new goals. I will recover, though. A few times it caused me to collapse, but I changed my style, putting weight on the other side of my body, until it went away. I had to change my shoes a lot more regularly and change my inner soles so I had some cushioning. I also rubbed anti-inflammatory gel into my legs every night and stretched before I went to sleep.


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