Mortals read percy jackson fanfiction

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mortals read percy jackson fanfiction

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Published 04.07.2019

"Kayaking Mishaps" – A Percy Jackson AU Dramatic Reading

The Fates have decided that this class needed to known about the mythological world, so they decided with my help, of course to freeze time in this classroom. To teach the mortals about our world, they decided to bring five books, all written in Percy's perspective of his quests. Oh, and don't worry about the mortals telling.

Oh, and by the way, none of it belongs to me. Except for the students. But the demigods and the gods and Paul Blofis and the stuff in bold? That's all Ricky's. It was just another English class for me.

So this is my first fanfiction and I'm doing your typical reading the lightning thief but with a twist. The war against the giants had just ended and everyone was celebrating, the two camps had been getting along great, everything was great. Every camper was thrilled to see Percy, many campers teared up and Percy admitted he might have too. Chiron was about to tell everyone to go to bed when they were sucked into a white light. Up on Olympus the council was arguing about the usual stuff when a bright light flash over a hundred kids, and handful of satyrs and nymph, and a centaur appeared. Immediately all the chatting died down and the gods were looked confused at the group, while the group was looked confused at the gods. That was finally broken when Percy asked "What do you want now?

Old story topic, new twist. I have been obsessed with the pjo characters reading their books. - Okay, I admit it.

I'm back! And I have a new story! I decided to do this because today is August eighteenth, at least for me, which means it's Percabeth's anniversary! You guys actually have no idea how many stories I have written that haven't been published. It's so I'm not overwhelmed in pressure to update, but yeah. This is just a side project; something to do if I'm suffering from writers block and want to update something. So, yeah, no regular updates.

Read on! Percy: Aren't you forgetting something? Me: What? Percy: Very. I looked out over the field, a lump forming in my throat.


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    Pride and prejudice book read online the laramie project ten years later

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    Piper, Leo and I have been trying to figure out more about Percy Jackson since we got here, but all anybody will tell us is that the only people who can really tell us about him are Annabeth, some fa-, I mean, Satyr, named Grover, and Percy Jackson himself.

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