Madeline 1st and 2nd grade reading

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madeline 1st and 2nd grade reading

I Want That Nut! by Madeline Valentine

Book opening:

Hey readers! Lets take a look at our book for today. The book we are going to read is called I Want That Nut! by Madeline Valentine. I want us to first look where it looks like our story might take place! Now, tell me what you see on the cover. What do we see? Yes! We see flowers and green grass and a chipmunk and a mouse and even an acorn! Where do chipmunk and mice usually live? Right! The forest or a park. This looks like they are in a forest. What else can we tell from the cover? What predictions can we make from the title? Remember predictions are like some guesses we can make about what will happen in the story. Do we think maybe the chipmunk and the mouse will fight over the acorn? Do you think they will share the acorn? Is it nice to share with our friends? Great! Lets see what happens in this story and then we can talk about if any of our predictions were correct!

Opening moves:

1. Draw attention to the setting.
2. Prompt predictions based on the title.


By starting off with draw attention to the setting students can look at the book covers to visually get a sense of what they are reading. This can be helpful by getting theme excited about the story and can even help them decide if they think they are going to enjoy the story or not. This leads into prompt predictions based on the title. Students can then become aware of the titles and can see how the cover relates to the words in the title. This is helpful in that students will want to know how the story goes, and has them paying attention to what happens in the story so that they can see if their predictions were correct.
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Madeline Classroom Companion: 1st Grade (1997) - Part 1 Madeline 1st & 2nd Grade Reading. Playskool Grade 1 Workbooks Set -- 4 Workbooks for 1st Graders with Reward Stickers . Playskool Grade.
Madeline Valentine

Madeline 1st & 2nd Grade Reading - box pack - 1 user Specs

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Join Madeline for over 45 fun-filled activities that help children master reading skills. Designed by educators, this 2 CD-ROM program uses both phonics and whole language methods to teach reading skills, like letter blends, vocabulary, sentences, parts of speech, reading comprehension, writing, alphabetizing, and even French and Spanish. An exciting journey to a treasure-filled island, a carnival in Venice, the Pyramids of Egypt and beyond. Reading with Madeline is so much fun. Over 45 Fun-Filled Activities visit Madeline's magic attic, where you can travel to imaginary and exotic places. Phonics Match vowel sounds and consonants as you play cards at the beach.

Madeline is a series of educational point-and-click adventure video games which were developed during the mids for Windows and Mac systems. The video-game series was produced concurrently with a TV series of the same name , with characters and voice actors from the show. In each game, Madeline guides the player through educational mini-games. Activities include reading comprehension, mathematics, problem-solving, basic French and Spanish vocabulary, and cultural studies. Each game focuses on a different subject.

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Madeline is a series of educational point-and-click adventure video games which were developed during the mids for Windows and Mac systems. The video-game series was produced concurrently with a TV series of the same name , with characters and voice actors from the show.

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