She keeps cheating on me

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she keeps cheating on me

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Published 28.06.2019

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My wife keeps cheating but we have two kids. Should I leave her?

Infidelity is difficult to handle. If you found out your girlfriend is cheating, you're likely finding it difficult to trust her again and move forward. In order to cope, you need to evaluate if the relationship is worth saving, communicate openly with your girlfriend about expectations going forward, and seek emotional support both from friends and professional therapists. Handling a cheating girlfriend can be challenging, but try to give yourself some time and space away from her so you can process your feelings. Categories: Cheating in Relationships.

2. You want to leave her, but she is asking you to forgive her and give her another chance

I Think She's Cheating On Me

People whose partners have been unfaithful to them have shared their experiences of taking back the "cheater". They answered the question: "Redditors who have given their significant others another chance after getting cheated on: How's your relationship now? Having "friend dumped" her ex after he suggested she might like to see her son, the Reddit user confessed he was building a case against her for a "hefty lawsuit". This user concluded that her ex's ex-girlfriend, whom she never met, deserved a "sisterhood solidarity type award". It was awful and she left.


  1. Tearlach P. says:

    Yeah, you can leave her. Stop being so weak, no wonder she cheats on you. So keep in mind that the person you love so much is a liar and a cheat who could.

  2. Wagadeter says:

    Dear Heart to Heart, I am 25 years old and I have discovered that my girlfriend of four years has been cheating on me with several of my friends.

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