Melissa horton days of our lives

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melissa horton days of our lives

Backlash (Scott Harvath, #19) by Brad Thor

In ancient texts, there are stories about men who struck from the shadows, seemingly beyond the reach of death itself. These men were considered part angel, part demon. Their loyalty was to their families, their friends, and their kings. You crossed these men at your peril. And once crossed, there was no crossing back.

They were fearless; men of honor who have been known throughout history by different names: Spartan, Viking, Samurai.

Today, men like these still strike from the shadows. They are highly prized intelligence agents, military operatives, and assassins.

One man is all three.

Two days ago, that man was crossed—badly.

Now, far from home and surrounded by his enemy, Scot Harvath must battle his way out.

With no support, no cavalry coming, and no one even aware of where he is, it will take everything he has ever learned to survive.

But survival isn’t enough. Harvath wants revenge.

In the most explosive novel Brad Thor has ever written, page after captivating page of action, intrigue, loyalty, and betrayal will keep you hooked until the very last sentence.
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Jack & Jennifer ~ Top 3 Moments

Melissa Horton

Maggie Horton decided she wanted to be a surrogate mother in for Dr. Evan Whyland and his wife, though their names were confidential. Neil Curtis performed the procedure and unbeknownst to Maggie, used his own specimen instead of Neil's. Maggie became pregnant and when Evan came to Salem and confessed to being the sperm donor, Maggie learned that he lied about his wife being alive. Maggie and Mickey fought and won custody of the child. Maggie and Mickey brought up the baby, Sarah.

Shawn-Douglas Brady paternal first cousin once removed; via adoption. Jack Deveraux Jr. Will Horton paternal first cousin once removed; via adoption; deceased. Alice "Allie" Caroline Horton paternal first cousin once removed; via adoption. Arianna Grace Horton maternal first cousin twice removed; via adoption. Melissa was born in to Jim Philips and Linda Patterson.

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Lisa Trusel played an adult Melissa from May 12, , to November 8, , with returns from June 28 to July 4, , November 1 to 15, , May 30 to June 3, ; January 14 to 19, , and June 18 to 28, Camilla Scott played the role from February 14, , to June 13, Trusel's run as Melissa earned her various nominations and a Daytime Emmy award nomination. Born to Jim and Linda Phillips, Linda claimed that Mickey Horton was Melissa's father, but when Mickey's wife Laura revealed to her in private that Mickey was sterile a fact that Mickey did not even know about as Laura had been keeping it from him so that he wouldn't discover that he was not the father of Laura's son Mike , Linda reluctantly admitted that Jim was Melissa's father. Melissa later took the name Anderson following Linda's marriage to Bob Anderson.


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    Melissa Horton is a fictional character from the NBC soap opera, Days of Our Lives. She was played by child actors Joseph Trent Everett from October 18 to.

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