Gerald seymour battle sight zero

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gerald seymour battle sight zero

Battle Sight Zero by Gerald Seymour

Battle Sight Zero, the 2019 offering from prolific writer Gerald Seymour, is ultimately not as gripping as his previous books, and despite my huge enthusiasm for starting it because of the most exciting synopsis Ive come across in a while, it was a lot more predictable than I imagined it would be. The plot is actually pretty authentic and believable and this scenario is probably one that is playing out right now with the government and intelligence organisations fighting against guns getting into the country. Unfortunately, the topical storyline is incredibly convoluted and confusing and I like to think Im an astute reader, but I just kept getting lost. My enthusiasm waned each time the narrative became difficult to consume and each time I had to reacquaint myself with the happenings in an attempt to finish it, but in all honesty by three-quarters of the way through I had lost interest completely.

On a lighter note, its clear that Seymour has extensively researched his topic, and it really showed. His characters are some of the most diligently drawn in the business, but in Battle Sight Zero I felt there was far more detail than necessary, so the story got bogged down regularly due to over description. I usually very much enjoy books that are overly descriptive, but even for me, this was a little over the top. I guess it all depends on your reading preferences, so its worth checking out a sample before purchasing to work out whether this is for you or not.

Many thanks to Hodder & Stoughton for an ARC.
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Battle Sight Zero

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Muslim extremists plan to smuggle assault rifles into Britain for a series of deadly attacks. John Cleal is a former soldier and journalist with an interest in medieval history. Battle Sight Zero by Gerald Seymour Muslim extremists plan to smuggle assault rifles into Britain for a series of deadly attacks. This is a story about a gun the 7. More than million are believed to have rolled off production lines in half a dozen Communist or former Communist countries since Russia proudly announced its invention by veteran Sergeant Mikhail Kalashnikov in

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