Dog day afternoon true story

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dog day afternoon true story

Dog Day Afternoon by Patrick Mann


Some men are afraid of the law. You’re not. As far as you’re concerned, the law had better be scared of you—scared enough to hand you a million dollars and a jet airliner to take you to a place where you can enjoy the money. And there’s nobody to say you’re wrong as you and your crew hold a bank full of hostages and start turning on the heat while the TV cameras whirr and the public gasps and the New York City Police Department and the F.B.I. sweat and squirm on the edge of surrender . . .


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Published 23.06.2019

The Godfather Part II

It ranks among the most infamous bank robberies in modern history and served as the inspiration for the classic film Dog Day Afternoon. But in the case of the New York bank heist committed by John Wojtowicz and his associates, the true story is even stranger and more fascinating than fiction.
Patrick Mann

The True, Fascinating Story Behind the Events of “Dog Day Afternoon”

The botched heist and ensuing hostage standoff — an absurdist melodrama that featured an in-person plea for surrender by Wojtowicz's lover dragged in from the Kings County Hospital psychiatric ward where she was under observation following a recent suicide attempt ; a circus-like crowd of thousands cheering and jeering behind police barricades; and ultimately the gunning down of Wojtowicz's co-conspirator Sal Naturale on the tarmac at Kennedy Airport while they awaited an escape plane — was the basis for the Oscar-winning movie Dog Day Afternoon starring Al Pacino as Wojtowicz and John Cazale as Naturale. While the movie's running time is minutes, the actual standoff lasted 14 hours, the entire saga playing out on local New York City television, even preempting coverage of Richard Nixon's acceptance of the Republican presidential nomination at the party's national convention that same evening. Yet even those New York residents who were glued to their TVs don't know half the story's incredible twists and turns, which are now, at last, fully captured by Berg and Keraudren through rare footage and exhaustive, expletive-laced interviews with Wojtowicz before he passed away in , at age 60, from cancer. Here are a few of the most surprising things about the life of the man who — as much for his insatiable libido as his hard-to-pronounce surname — called himself "The Dog" and that fateful August day more than 40 years ago. Wojtowicz's military service is acknowledged in Dog Day Afternoon, but not the extent to which it shaped him. He had his first homosexual experience in basic training. As he tells the filmmakers: "I met a hillbilly by the name of Wilbur.

The whole Brooklyn neighborhood turned out to watch as Wortzik argued with police, demanded pizza for his hostages, and insisted that his lover be allowed to come visit him. It ended with his bank-robbing partner dead and Wortzik sentenced to 20 years in jail. The Dog , a documentary about the real-life Wortzik—actual name: John Wojtowicz—adds some context to that afternoon which, as it turns out, seems like a very logical place for this gleefully cocky loudmouth to have ended up. He claims at the outset to have four wives and 23 girlfriends who all know each other. Those wild days, which Wojtowicz is delighted to recount in detail, eventually led him to a Chase Manhattan branch and a hour stand-off with police. And though it also led to jail—where he was beaten and raped—he speaks of the crime in The Dog with a sociopathic sense of pride.

By Larry Getlen.
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Wojtowicz was the son of a Polish father and an Italian-American mother. The two had a public wedding ceremony that year. The Los Angeles Times reported the heist was meant to pay for Eden's sex reassignment surgery.

October 01, Film Movie Review. Sign up for our newsletters Subscribe. Questions of identity reverberate through The Dog , a documentary by Allison Berg and Frank Keraudren that chronicles Wojtowicz's storied and terribly sad life. If you've ever seen Dog Day Afternoon , you surely remember its head-turning midmovie plot twist, when the Wojtowicz character is revealed as a gay man who wants money to finance his partner's sex-change operation. The Dog tells the story of a seemingly average guy who spent his early adult years wrestling with his sexual identity, eventually becoming a pioneering advocate of gay rights and same-sex marriage in the U.

Real life events constantly inspire movies, and on rare occasions films become so iconic that they begin to overshadow the stories that inspire them. As time marches on, the public at large can easily forget that films like Urban Cowboy or Almost Famous are indeed based on true stories. This week we look at the relationship between reality and classic movies when it comes to the life of John Wojtowicz, the true life inspiration for Dog Day Afternoon. Dog Day Afternoon is so indelibly a part of American culture that plenty of people can picture and quote it without ever having seen it. The movie is remembered more as a classic bank robbery than for the unique, idiosyncratic story of Wojtowicz that made it worth telling in the first place.



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