A lesson before dying miss emma quotes

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a lesson before dying miss emma quotes

A Lesson Before Dying Quotes by Ernest J. Gaines

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A lesson before dying (Plot)

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A Lesson Before Dying Quotes and Analysis

Miss Emma and her lifelong friend, Tante Lou, are virtually inseparable. At times, they seem so close that it is difficult to tell which one is speaking. The women support each other and give each other the courage to continue on despite the hostile circumstances that surround them. Each has hope for the future and a deep, abiding faith in God that is nurtured and supported by their friendship. And each is determined to help Jefferson, believing that he represents an opportunity to provide a sense of continuity for the community.

Logging out…

Miss Emma surely doesn't really think that Jefferson is a hog. She loves him and thinks of him as her dear boy. However, she knows that being a man has to do with the way that society sees Jefferson, and how he sees himself. That's what she wants to change. Within the next few weeks, maybe a month, whatever the law allows—make him a man. The fact that Miss Emma chooses Grant to be the one to turn Jefferson, bibbidi-bobbidi-boo style, into a man, shows the power she believes a teacher has. She raised Jefferson and didn't manage to turn him into a man, but she is sure that the professor can do so.


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