Class clown senior superlative picture ideas

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class clown senior superlative picture ideas

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Published 08.06.2019

Charter School Apologizes Over Offensive Yearbooks

100 Clever Yearbook Superlatives

Get a plain white t-shirt, put duck tape and make like a funny nickname of yours. Like i put Dr. Guapo which means Dr. You should take a picture of something the class clown did to make everyone laugh. The best resources for yearbook photos are the libraries of the particular school. They typically have copies of the yearbook of every graduating class.

For decades, the gargantuan PMHS yearbooks have stored a senior superlative spread between club photos and class profiles. Organized by the yearbook staff, each senior votes a girl and boy from the grade for each superlative category. That class period became a sociological crash course for me as I realized the extent of disunity within our senior class, watched students who had mindlessly pledged to vote for friends, and slapped names on blank lines based on the mob decision of those around me. Although uncomfortable and unwilling to participate, I am a sucker for special elections, so I cast my vote like everyone else. A few days later the results were revealed and students were left gleeful, disappointed, or, for most, mildly amused. At the end of the day, superlatives mean very little.

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Yearbook superlatives have been a landmark tradition for many years. Leave your contact details and receive your free copy right away, as well as our monthly yearbook tips!, Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials.

This year the seniors were given a list of 32 different superlatives and a list of everyone in the graduating class of Along with the common superlatives, there are a few new superlatives that were different and could be difficult to understand. Some of the examples that fall under this category are; most likely to pass as a junior high student, Barbie and Ken, best of friends, most likely to win hunger games, most laid back, forever young, most outspoken, and best to bring home to parents. Every student will most likely have different outlooks on what these superlatives mean or some may not even know what some of these mean. Our interpretations of these superlatives are as followed for each one. Most likely to pass for a junior high student — the boy and girl who are the smallest seniors in terms of height.

Are you searching for fun, creative and unique yearbook superlatives? Aside from showcasing the diversity of your class, your goal should be to include as many classmates as possible. There are plenty of classic superlative ideas—be sure not to leave those out! They are an essential part of this fun school tradition and capture key students and personalities at any high school or middle school. Here are some must-haves you should consider:. A lot of your classmates put great effort into their appearance—and now is the time to recognize it. You can showcase this in your senior superlatives by highlighting these features.


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