Kindle swipe to unlock not working

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kindle swipe to unlock not working

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Published 03.06.2019

Kindle Paperwhite Tips and Tricks Tutorial

kindle paperwhite won't unlock from starting advertising screen. "Swipe to unlock kindle" does not work.

Turn Off a Kindle Paperwhite

Password Notices Tip Got Facebook? I also added some custom wallpapers. I don't know at what point it started but now every time I open my case, the screen automatically unlocks. I'd prefer that it wait for me to swipe the screen to unlock. I have some nice wallpapers including a nice portrait of Emma Stone that I would love to actually be able to admire. Does anyone know how to fix this? Edit:I know I could just set a password on it but it covers the wallpaper and is time consuming.

As with most technology, you may, at times, experience freezing or slow response on your Kindle Paperwhite. Most often, the solution is simple. Try these steps if your Kindle freezes up on you. If that is the case, remove the item to see whether that solves the problem. Remember, if you bought the book from Amazon, it will be stored in the Cloud and you can redownload it to your device. If the book came from another source, make sure you have a backup before removing it.

Kindle is also available as an app on certain mobile devices, such as the iPhone. A Kindle might freeze for a variety of reasons, just like any device with a hard drive. Fortunately, performing a reboot of your Kindle is something any owner can accomplish in just a matter of minutes, and will likely solve the problem. To avoid future freezes, always keep your Kindle from running very low on battery and stay apprised of new software updates, particularly if they pertain to resolving a known glitch. If your Kindle becomes unresponsive, a reset will force the reading device to reboot. Much like on a computer, the reboot process forces your Kindle to close down its current screen and restart itself at the homepage.

The Amazon Kindle line includes multiple e-reader devices and a tablet computer, called the Kindle Fire. When you put your Kindle to sleep or don't use it for an extended period, the device goes into Sleep mode. While in Sleep mode, the device is locked and you can't navigate the e-reader or tablet.
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kindle paperwhite won't unlock from starting advertising screen

I think as a Kindle user, all of us will encounter a problem that Kindle won't turn on. In some cases, it's easy to solve. But sometimes, it really takes efforts to figure out what's wrong with the device and how to fix it. After a bit of checking around, I discovered some solutions for this common issue. Fortunately, in most of the time, it can be fixed pretty easy.


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