It makes me feel alive

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it makes me feel alive

Quote by Mitch Albom: “Giving to other people makes me feel alive. Not...”

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Published 02.06.2019

Krewella - Alive (Official Video)

I think it's a pretty modern song but really all I can tell you is that it features " makes me feel alive" and it's sung by a male singer with a high voice. Edit: It was .

You Make Me Feel Alive

Travel forces you into the beauty, the guts, and the rawness of life. It allows you to shred the perfect picture and touch your hands on something real. With all the madness going on in the world now, sometimes I find myself on an emotional roller coaster between hating the world and loving it. This makes it hard to get a taste of reality behind the lens as nothing compares to touching a place with your bare hands. It allows you to not only scrape the surface but bloodies your fingers and leaves a piece of you on its rugged edges. Traveling encourages you to wake up and into reality.

Living means getting involved

You Make Me Feel Alive ( Hey Baby - Trey Kenney )

Things have been quiet over here for a few months. I have been doing a ton of what I have been writing about last. I have gone back to the country I grew up in, and, together with my beautiful partner by my side, I have been able to dig up some pain that was buried and stuck within me for centuries. Now this is a big deal because I only have a very limited amount of centuries to count in this lifetime so far. I am working on counting three centuries soon but really, I am miles away from that.

I play Raghbir, a dark and intense character. He has lost someone whom he loved very much. He is traumatised, is grieving and in deep sorrow. The story of Bepanah Pyaarr is very different with a different perspective. The thing which attracted me towards this show is that it is a male-oriented show.

Life is good and beautiful in itself once you get the reason for your living. Many today are just living but have not yet discover their reason for their existence. Any one is a solution to a problem, whatever it is. Indeed we must be aware of the fact that though God may not be our judge, the life itself that we have lived here will justify us or condemn us. I recently read from one brother in one of the Kosmos Journal that we are the people we have been waiting for, the generation we have been waiting for.


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