I have no willpower to do anything

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i have no willpower to do anything

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Published 16.05.2019

9 Strategies to Stop Overeating

I Have No Motivation To Do Anything: Am I Depressed?

Willpower is an essential ingredient in achieving, overcoming, and becoming -- so why does it so often fail us? The fitness industry knows this acutely well. Every new year, fitness centers experience an explosion of new memberships around January 1st. Walk into any gym the first couple of weeks of the new year and you'll see it happening -- people are everywhere, as if the concept of "fitness" was just discovered. But as the days and weeks pass, those numbers lessen. A couple of months into the year and the crowds even out. Pretty soon getting on the lat pull-down machine doesn't require standing in line.

Have you ever felt exhausted all the time, or scared to get out of bed to face the day? If any of this sounds familiar, you may be suffering from depression or another mental health issue. It's important to note that many people confuse depression with being unmotivated or "lazy. Depression and a lack of motivation are related and can overlap; however, they can also be separate issues. It's equally important to realize that you're not alone in these thoughts and feelings.

Willpower was, as I recall, never really a problem for Popeye. When low on verve, he'd tip open a can of spinach and quicker than you can say, "What on earth did he see in Olive Oyl anyway? But when willpower in the real world melts quicker than ice cream left on the seat of a Spanish hire car in August, we need to resort to less vegetarian tactics. I'm sure you've had times when your intentions were good, when you really believed what you wanted to do was positive and for the best Willpower matters because it helps make the possible real. And lack of self-control has been linked to addiction, overeating, interpersonal conflict, and underachievement.

Dear Lifehacker, Lately I've been completely unmotivated to do anything.
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2. Spend your willpower wisely.

If you're like many people, you're struggling with willpower right about now. You started the year with a lot of resolutions for improving your health and your professional life, and possibly a brand-new gym membership. But within less than a month, it's an enormous effort to stick to those plans. Perhaps you've already given up on them. It's not your fault. Seriously, it isn't.



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