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the road to oz movie

The Road to Oz (Oz, #5) by L. Frank Baum

A shaggy-looking guy called Shaggy Man asked Dorothy for directions; the latter trying to show the right road completely lost her way and the pair ended up in a magical land - not Oz, but somewhere close to it geographically. Their decided to proceed to Oz instead of going back to Kansas. By doing so they met a lot of magical creatures and saw a lot of magical countries.

In the review of a previous book of the series I mentioned that L. Frank Baum had great imagination which was clearly demonstrated by the different magical creatures living in Oz and around. This time the creatures in question were so much out of this world that I began to suspect Baums imagination was helped by some drugs: I mean mind-altering kind, and not weak ones either. I have yet to see such bizarre creatures anywhere else. This is one of the reasons I keep reading the series by the way.

It is curious to see that only one hundred years ago it was perfectly normal for a grown-up man to ask an unattended young girl for directions without being accused of pedophilia. It was also perfectly normal for a said young girl to play outside without any supervision.

While the magical creatures are great the same cannot be said about Dorothys travelling companions. Shaggy Man is probably the best one, but he remains undeveloped even for a children book. I could not help thinking about this guy:

Button Bright comes out like a complete retard even considering his age. The guy who only says, I dont know may sound cute first couple of hundred times, but after this it becomes really old really fast. Besides, a child travelling with strangers for a number of days and never mentioning his parents (children psychology is wired to constantly be with his/her parents first several years of his/her life) does sound somewhat lacking in mental department, thus my remark about him being a retard.

Everything we know about Polychrome is that she dances a lot and drinks exclusively morning dew.

So 4 start for the imagination and 2 start for characterization averages 3 stars as the overall rating.
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Road to Oz

Frank Baum, As a young man in upstate New York, he bred prize-winning chickens, published a trade journal about poultry and was as an actor and playwright. However, following some shady dealings by his bookkeeper, plus a fire that destroyed a theater owned by Baum, he tabled his show-business dreams and went to work as a salesman for a company that made lubricating oil. While away from home, he invented stories to tell his four sons, and when his mother-in-law heard some of these tales she encouraged him to try to publish them. Meanwhile, Baum had grown tired of life as a traveling salesman and founded a well-received trade magazine about window trimming he got the idea after observing poorly organized store-window displays during his time on the road.

With The Wizard of Oz returning to screens as part of our Road Movies season, we take a look at the enduring appeal of this fantasy classic. Just follow the Yellow brick road…. Why do we keep returning to The Wizard of Oz? Its candy-coloured palette and nostalgia factor keep us glued to the screen whenever Dorothy and Toto crop up during a lazy Sunday telly binge but maybe it runs deeper than that. As Glinda the Good explains to our hero when she first arrives in Munchkinland, all she has to do to solve her problems is follow the yellow brick road. It seems even in Oz the highway holds all the answers.

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The Evolution, Creation, and Legacy of a Motion Picture Masterpiece

Via pixiepalace. A bunch of characters start off walking and meet a bunch of other crazy characters before eventually arriving in Oz. And in this book, that summary is literally what happens. No threat or conflict to resolve. So, the story is a tad thin. In fact, in the front of the book, we are treated to a really nice illustrated map of the land of Oz and the surrounding magical countries that Baum keeps adding to the landscape in each successive book. Via Oz-central.

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Add to GoodReads. The Road to Oz. The Road to Oz is a complete retelling of how The Wizard of Oz was influenced and created, and attained its iconic status. The new volume by Jay Scarfone and William Stillman will reflect recent research and much more through newly discovered period interviews, media resources of the era, transcriptions and unique contemporary interviews with those who were there. Additionally, never-before-published imagery accompanies the text. In its truth and candor, this new historical contribution is ideal to tie-in with the 80th anniversary of the movie.


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