Prince of persia ending movie

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prince of persia ending movie

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time by James Ponti

The book revolves around the prince having come into ownership of a dagger which lets him turn back time without it being noticed by anyone after the fact, but someone who took over the city wanted to take it back and the princess he is assigned to help princess Tamina also took it from him for a little while. Eventually there is a happy ending and he helps his brother who is starving find chickens on the rooftops of the buildings where he is around looking for a meal. It took me two days to finish
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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time: The End

It's based on a video game, but don't make me play it, let me guess: The push-button magic dagger is used in the game to let you rewind and try something again, right? Since anything in the story any death, for example can be reversed, the stakes are several degrees below urgent.
James Ponti

'Prince of Persia' movie gets caught in the sands of plot

Minor Plot hole: In Prince of Persia, robes can be poisoned. Poison can cause combustion of human flesh but NOT the robe itself. And robes have the magic ability to seal the wearer in like a Venus flytrap. Furthermore, how can crossbow bolts pierce through brick walls? Minor Plot hole: When Nizam finally got possession of the dagger of time; he decided to guard it by one deadly assassin instead of a dozen average soldiers or instead of keeping it with him.

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Print E-mail Letter to the editor. Ironically, Gyllenhaal seems appropriately cast for some of these scenes toward the beginning, because his character is supposed to start out completely uninterested in the attractive princess with whom he has been banished from the kingdom. Frankly, it seems harder for him to play a video-game level action stud than a man resisting the sexual advances of a captured, basically naked princess. The dialogue and plot structure are not that bad. But what probably look like awesome effects and epic battle scenes in the video game turn into little more than poorly-edited Parkour videos of Gyllenhaal and company prancing through the streets of a fictional Arab city.


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