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jason stearns congo research group

Dancing in the Glory of Monsters: The Collapse of the Congo and the Great War of Africa by Jason Stearns

At the heart of Africa is Congo, a country the size of Western Europe, bordering nine other nations, that since 1996 has been wracked by a brutal and unstaunchable war in which millions have died. And yet, despite its epic proportions, it has received little sustained media attention. In this deeply reported book, Jason Stearns vividly tells the story of this misunderstood conflict through the experiences of those who engineered and perpetrated it. He depicts village pastors who survived massacres, the child soldier assassin of President Kabila, a female Hutu activist who relives the hunting and methodical extermination of fellow refugees, and key architects of the war that became as great a disaster as--and was a direct consequence of--the genocide in neighboring Rwanda. Through their stories, he tries to understand why such mass violence made sense, and why stability has been so elusive.

Through their voices, and an astonishing wealth of knowledge and research, Stearns chronicles the political, social, and moral decay of the Congolese State.
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DRC's political crisis, debate between Colette Braeckman, Michael Tshibangu, Kikaya .Jason stearns

Jason Stearns is a political scientist interested in dynamics of violence and other forms of social mobilization in Africa, with a particular focus on the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This research has also led him to scrutinize the impact——or lack thereof——of UN peacekeeping, international advocacy, and humanitarian relief operations on armed conflict. Since , Jason has been focused on better understanding the factors contributing to armed conflict in the Congo.
Jason Stearns

Unpacking the DRC Ebola Crisis with Jason Stearns

The poll, conducted by the Congo Research Group at New York University and Congolese polling firm BERCI, also shows that 62 percent of people do not trust the electoral commission to conduct a free and fair election, due to be held on Dec. Kabila is barred by term limits from standing for a fresh term in the election but has yet to publicly commit to stepping down. Some of his allies are pushing a legal argument they say allows him to run again. The deadline to declare candidacies is Aug. The United States and France as well as other countries including neighbor Angola have expressed fears that a Kabila candidacy could plunge Democratic Republic of Congo into chaos. Dozens of people have been killed by security forces in the past two years during protests against repeated election delays and memories remain fresh of catastrophic civil wars around the turn of the century in which millions died. Former vice president and militia leader Jean-Pierre Bemba would receive 17 percent of the vote in the election, the poll showed.

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Nor was it the opposition leader Martin Fayulu, whom the respected Catholic Church had projected to win. Instead, it was Felix Tshisekedi — the son of the opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi — who could be seen on Twitter and Facebook streams, hugging his wife and proclaiming victory., Jason Kauahooululaunaheleonakuahiwi Stearns born October 31, is an American writer who worked for ten years in the Congo , including three years during the Second Congo War.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo went to the polls on December 30th to elect a new president, as well as national and provincial parliamentarians. According to the UN peacekeeping mission, 8 people were killed and arrested when police and soldiers opened fire on. As the tanks rolled down the streets of Harare this week, Congolese social media lit up. President Kabila was rumored to be panicking to see one of his stalwart allies depart. Congolese and foreign observers hoped that Mugabe departure could somehow provide inspiration for Kabila to leave, as well. The person.


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    Jason is a CIC Senior Fellow and Director of the Congo Research Group. Jason has been working on conflict dynamics in Central Africa since , when he.

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