Batman incorporated volume 2 issue 8

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batman incorporated volume 2 issue 8

Batman Incorporated, Volume 2: Gothams Most Wanted by Grant Morrison

Im excluding the last two part arc in this book because I dont care about Japans Batman. Hes okay, semi-interesting backstory, but I just do not give a flying fuck. It just wasnt something I read and was like OMG saying that, excluding the okay story there, the rest of this book is a damn near masterpiece. It really banks on you reading the first rise of the leviathan arc from volume 1 to get the full emotion here. Talia is the villain and never has she been more...evil? I mean I know shes been wicked since forever but holy hell the things she does here. I mean...just fucked up as hell. This story is a few years old but I wont spoil what happens but when a certain someone dies all hell breaks lose and the final fight for the city of gotham is underway.

What I liked: Emotion. Grant usually writes stories I cant stand with stilted dialog, and weak pacing. From volume 1 into this volume the pacing is near perfect. The stakes are high, the emotional fallout is amazing, the fights are intense, the dialog is near perfect for the situation. Everything works here. I loved the 20+ fight with Damien and his clone. I loved Batmans Do you hear that? moment. I loved Dicks What happened? He was fine a minute ago... and the We were the best team ever moment. Oh so many wonderful moments, all written and drawn to near perfection.

What I didnt like: Like I said, the last two part arc here feels like a side story. Its not horrible but forgettable.

This is what I wish Grant wrote ALL the time. I was on the edge of my seat the ENTIRE arc. From volume 1-2 this is how you build and create a satisfying ending with a ton of stakes that pay off. Bravo Grant, you finally made a book I can call a masterpiece.
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Batman Incorporated comic books issue 1

Batman Incorporated Vol. Batman Incorporated also known as Batman, Inc. Batman is prepared to take his war on crime to the next level, by essentially "franchising" it and drafting, training and commanding a global team of heroes who will answer to Batman himself. As Bruce Wayne, he travels across the world, seeking to use the symbolic power Batman has on a global scale. Bruce Wayne is featured wearing a new costume to distinguish him from Dick Grayson, who is also Batman at this point after taking over Bruce Wayne's role as Batman after his apparent death.

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I am excited to dive into an analysis of the end of Mr. But first, a warning: there are spoilers ahead. There is just no way to discuss this final run of issues without talking about some of the major plot twists. What would happen? Well, his Batman Incorporated series was cancelled and re-started with a new 1.

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No recent wiki edits to this page. Although the title was one of the top-selling New 52 titles, the volume was concluded with Grant Morrison's final issue and issue 13, respectively, in July Written by: Grant Morrison 0, , ; Chris Burnham 0, Illustrated by: Chris Burnham ; Frazer Irving 0. For pre- Flashpoint , re fer to Batman Incorporated vol.

Suddenly, a group of cyber-terrorists led by the Worm Captain attacks them. Bruce tells the businessmen not to log off, saying that Internet 3. Bruce shows to a group of businessmen a virtual reality he calls "Internet 3. In that moment, Barbara Gordon in a virtualized version of her Batgirl gear enters the scene and fights the terrorists. Batman also appears and tells Bruce to get the others to safety. After the terrorists are defeated and the businessmen escape, Batman tells Batgirl that he is simultaneously controlling two avatars, one of Batman and another of Bruce Wayne. When Batman asks what happened here, Oracle tells him that the system was infected with a malware virus.

Search this site. Grant Morrison: All Star blog en Italia. David Uzumeri's Batmannotations. Grant Morrison's Wikipedia page. The Boy Wond er Returns. After the cover was leaked a couple of weeks prior to the issue coming out, the comics internet - and even DC themselves - went all out to spoil this major turning point in Morrison and Burnham's Bat-epic.


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    "The Boy Wonder Returns" General Information Series: Batman Incorporated Issue Number: 8 First Published: February 27, Previous Issue: Batman Inc. #7.

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