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the history of love sparknotes

The History of Jane Doe by Michael Belanger

A poignant, deeply funny coming-of-age story about first love, first loss, and the power of history to give life meaning.

History buff Ray knows everything about the peculiar legends and lore of his rural Connecticut hometown. Burgervilles past is riddled with green cow sightings and human groundhogs, but the most interesting thing about the present is the new girl--well call her Jane Doe.

Inscrutable, cool, and above all mysterious, Jane seems as determined to hide her past as Ray is to uncover it. As fascination turns to friendship and then to something more, Ray is certain he knows Janes darkest, most painful secrets and Jane herself--from past to present. But when the unthinkable happens, Ray is forced to acknowledge that perhaps history can only tell us so much.

Mixing humor with heartache, this is an unmissable coming-of-age story from an exciting new voice in YA.
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Review: The History of Love

The History of Love

Sign up for our newsletters! For another thing, the book is a sort of mystery, revealing name changes, betrayals, and secret identities as the plot unfolds. The first is the elderly Leopold Gursky, an almost tragically pathetic character living in a squalid apartment in New York City. Terrified that he has become invisible to the rest of the world, Leo makes a point of trying to make himself be seen every day, whether it is by purposefully spilling his coffee drink on himself at Starbucks or by volunteering to be a nude model for a life drawing course. Originally from Poland, Leo immigrated to New York after World War II, his heart having been broken by Alma, the only girl he would ever love, and by Isaac, the son who doesn't even know he exists. Now, nearing the end of his life, Leo reflects often on the meaning of his life, on what will be left of him after he is gone. He thinks, "At the end, all that's left of you are your possessions.

The History of Love by Nicole Krauss. The History of Love Learning Guide by PhD students from Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley.
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Okay, Shmoopers, what do we have here? Well, we've got one old man in New York who finds a book underneath his pillow, one he himself wrote fifty years earlier. Then, we have a teenage girl searching for a woman who might not really exist. This lady's both a character in her mother's favorite book and the woman the teenager was named after—got all that? And, fifty years and an ocean away, we have a mysterious man who one night gets out of bed and starts writing something nice for his wife. This tale of a tangle of lives— The History of Love —is Nicole Krauss's highly decorated second book, a New York Times bestseller that has been translated into over two dozen languages. Before their recent separation, they were basically the literary equivalent of Brangelina, or Marie and Pierre Curie.

Rate this book. Buy This Book. A long-lost book reappears, mysteriously connecting an old man searching for his son and a girl seeking a cure for her widowed mother's loneliness. Leo Gursky's life is just about surviving, tapping his radiator each evening to let his upstairs neighbor know he's still alive. But life wasn't always like this: sixty years ago, in the Polish village where he was born, Leo fell in love and wrote a book.


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    It would be unfair to liken Nicole Krauss's second novel, "The History of Love," to "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close," the recently published second novel by her better-known husband, Jonathan Safran Foer, except for two things.

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    Book Summary

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    The History of Love by Nicole Krauss intertwines romantic and mysterious elements into a story about love, loss, and identity.

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