Abraham hicks love at first sight

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abraham hicks love at first sight

Esther Hicks Quotes (Author of Ask and It Is Given)

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Published 20.04.2019

Abraham Hicks - Relationships2 - Is there anything like Love at first sight

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I've never posted in a forum before, but I've reached a point where my heart is in shambles and I need to know what to do. My wife is a very involved and active follower of the LOA and abraham hicks teachings. I've never really gotten into it, as I prefer to get my guidance and advice from my pastor. We've been married going on 7 years now, had our ups and downs, but have had an otherwise amazing life together. We met on craigslist and it was a blind date. She said she would be the only red head in a green jacket at the bar.

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And so, the Universe must uniquely yield to me, which causes me to offer a vibration that maybe someone somewhere else is matching. If they are, they will certainly come into my experience for the time that we are matching it. You affect the world by achieving the vibration that brings the signals to you. You create a nucleus that Universe has to respond around. That is how you are the creator.


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    Esther Hicks is a New York Times best-selling author who claims to communicate for a group of nonphysical beings.

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    Does love at first sight have to be mutual? ? Abraham & Esther Hicks ? Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction Full Workshops Konpa: Color correction, HD.

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