Show me how to make love to my husband

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show me how to make love to my husband

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Published 18.04.2019

How To Show Love And Affection To Your Husband

17 Things Your Husband Wishes You Would Do More Often

Is your husband losing interest in sex and you can't figure out why, or what to do about it? Marriage therapist Michele Weiner Davis shares some insights she gained from talking to women about their sex lives, sex drives and dry spells. Are you a sex-starved wife? A woman who deeply desires more satisfying sex with your husband? Would you settle for just more sex?

Kudos to you for working with your husband on helping your love life. I am sure he greatly appreciates it. THe easiest way to show him is to talk.
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It's not just compliments and sex he's hoping for — though, let's face it, he wouldn't mind a little more of those, too. Or whatever your silly side has the urge to do. Men feel relief when they get an occasional break from a woman's serious, action-oriented sides which he's not knocking; he totally digs how ambitious and efficient you are. Of course he's not going to complain when anyone says something nice about him who would? So for every time you whine about his football obsession or forgetting to take out the trash, remember to high-five him for picking up the kids from soccer or tell him how kickass his work presentation looked.


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    Perhaps you and your spouse fell in love a long time ago and have been married for several years even decades , or maybe you are newlyweds.

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    Does My Husband Still Love Me?

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